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Wymondham North Field postmill was working in the 1600s and no record of it has been found since that date. The mill stood on the northwest side of the town and was replaced by a new towermill c.1804.

Will of John Butlar
Dated 15 January 1626/27
Probate granted 7 June 1627
Executrix, wife, Johane
Mill, lately acquired from Robert Cane, to wife, then to son, William, if she should remarry.

Will of William Butler
Dated 20 May 1643
Probate granted 10 June 1643
Executrix, wife, Elizabeth
Mill to wife, then to son, John, attains 21 years of age, then to him.

c.1620: Robert Cane, miller

1626: John Butlar, miller

1627: John Butlar, miller, died

1627: Johane Butlar (widow), miller

1643: William Butler, miller, died

1643: Elizabeth Butler (widow) miller

Ogilby's Britannia map, London to Norwich, 1675: Windmill

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