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1696 map
1696 map

St Augustine's Gate mill, just off the Aylsham Road was marked on a map of 1675 and was often known as Green Hills mill. It was also marked on the 1696 and 1723 maps as well as on a map showing the owners of land adjoining the river Wensum made by John Rumball jnr. in 1767. The mill was marked on the 1834 map as standing to the South of St. Clement's Place. The site lies between Patterson Road and Eade Road, close to Aylsham Road.

1723 map
1723 map

A Mr. Robertson was the miller in 1773, when the mill was robbed on the 8th February

On Monday night near 60 fowls were stolen from Mr. Robertson, a miller near St. Augustine's Gates.
Norfolk Chronicle, 13th February 1773

On Thursday, an inquisition was taken by John Roach, Gent, Coroner, on the body of Robert Dickens, about 14 years of age, who being of a weak capacity, had inadvertantly wandered too near a Windmill then going, just without St. Austin's Gates, by one of the sails of which he was struck with so much violence just above the right ear, that after being conveyed to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, he languished a few hours in an insensible state and then expired.
Verdict - Accidental Death.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 26th August 1815

There was a robbery near the mill on the Monday 16th January 1832

On Monday night last, between nine and ten o'clock as a young man by the name of Mann, who lives in King-street, was returning home from Mr. Thompson's, who lives about three quarters of a mile on St. Augustine's road, he was stopt near the mill by two villains, one of whom had on a white duffield coat, the other a dark velvet, with very large white buttons in front. One collared him and demanded his money, while they rifled his pockets, but finding nothing they took off his hat and rent it nearly in two, and the flail basket off his arm; being dissapointed they struck him a violent blow on the breast, knocked him down, and kicked him when on the ground, and then decamped with the basket into Mr. Gowing's field.
Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 21st January 1832

William Goodwin may have been the miller in 1832, when he died in September of that year

Lately at Mill Cottage, St. Augustine's Road, Wm. Goodwin Esq., aged 73.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 6th October 1832

Cleer's Map 1696
Cleer's Map 1696
as redrawn by Harry Apling (incl. hand written notes)
Pockthorpe mill stood on what was then Mousehold Lane

Ogilby's Britannia map 1675: Plate 74 and Plate 76 - Windmill

Thomas Cleer's Plan of Norwich 1696: Postmill on roundhouse with tailpole outside St. Augustine's Gate

Samuel & Nathaniel Buck's SouthEast Prospect of Norwich 1741: Windmill

1773: Mr. Robertson, miller

24th August 1815: Robert Dickins aged 14, killed after being struck by the mill sails

September 1832: William Goodwin, miller, died

1834 map: Windmill

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