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At one point there were two postmills at Catton in close proximity to one another and operating at the same time, although it is likely that one mill was considerably older than the other. Burges Robinson may have been the miller at Catton mill in 1768. He was listed in the Norwich Poll Book as a miller in St. Clement. These Catton mills were most likely to have been a post mills.
In 1770 the miller came to the aid of someone who was being robbed.

By 1471, when a field survey (or extent) was made, some of the strips in the fields were being grouped to form closes or small fields and this enclosure process continued during the next two hundred years. The survey mentioned in the Dean & Chapter Records of 1471 mentions Catton mill; that of 1570 a marlpit, Church Street, the mill, a brickk field and Stone Pit Hill. This hill seems to be the slope up from the present ring road to the junction with Fifers Lane (now a housing estate).
Mrs. Mary Manning - Dereham Library 1983

The medieval mill would have nbeen atimber post-mill. It stood on the high point of the village about where St. Faiths Road and Fifers Lane meet.
Mrs. Mary Manning - Dereham Library 1983

In 1770 the miller came to the aid of someone who was being robbed.

On Thursday night the 6th inst as William Grimmer a gardiner at Bracondale, was returning home from Hainford through Catton, he was assaulted near the Mill by a person on horseback, who without provocation, set his dog upon him, with a singular degree of wantoness and barbarity, the master repeatedly encouraged his dog to seize and worry a defenceless man.
The Miller alarmed by cries of murder, and barking of the dog, rose out of bed and came to his relief; when the savage on horseback rode away; it being moonlight, he was known to be a farmer in the neighbourhood, and a warrant being issued by Robert Harvey Esq Mayor, he was apprehended, and has given bail to that Magistrate for his appearance at the next general Quarter Sessions.

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th September 1770.

Possible layout of Catton in the 16th Century - as drawn by Harry Apling
Possible layout of Catton in the 16th Century - as drawn by Harry Apling

The first mention of two mills at Catton came in a sale advert in 1775

To be SOLD

A DWELLING HOUSE, and piece of LEASE HOLD LAND, containing by estimation, Two Acres, or thereabouts, for the remainder of a Term of Eighty Years, of which there are Thirteen Years yet to come, and will expire the 10th of April 1788.
For further particulars, enquire of Mr. North, Attorney, in Norwich. Also two exceeding good CORN WINDMILLS, now in full business and excellent repair, standing on the said Leasehold Land.

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th May 1875

The mills were not sold and were re-advertised a month later

To be SOLD

TWO WINDMILLS standing out of Magdalen Gates, City of Norwich commonly called CATTON MILLS.
Also a House, Stables, brewhouse etc together with a Piece of Land containing two Acres by Estimation, Leasehold, of which there are 13 Years unexpired.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Nickless of Tasburgh or of him at the Red Lion in St Stephen's on Wednesdays or Saturdays.
Likewise the Lease of a Parcel of Land adjoining to the same containing 17 Acres, more or less,
if it be agreeable to the Purchaser. Together with a barn standing on the Premises.

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th March 1775

One of the mills was for sale in 1785

To be SOLD
or LETT for Two Years and a half,

AN exceeding good WIND MILL, situate within half a Mile of the City on the Catton Road, containing one Pair of Stones, a Boulting Mill and Cylinder, with all necessary Going Geers, Scales, Weights &c-
For particulars enquire of Mr. Isaac Ayton, Baker or Mr. John Wright, Appraiser, Norwich.
Norwich, August 12th, 1785.

Norfolk Chronicle - 13th August 1785

James Deynes was listed in the Norwich Poll Book as a miller in St. Clement. Both mills were still standing in 1788, when they were mentioned in an advert relating to some land nearby. This is the last mention of both mills standing together.

To be SOLD

AN Inclosure of exceedingly good LAND, containing seven Acres and upwards, lying without St. Augustine's Gates, in the County of the City of Norwich, in a very convenient and desirable Situation on the West of Catton Wind-Mills, with a Pump on the Premises, Freehold, and moderately assessed to the Land Tax.
For Price and further Particulars apply to Mr. Rishton Woodcocke, Attorney at Law, or of Mr. Timothy Copping, St. George's Colegate, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 8th March 1788

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