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Eaton mill was marked on a 1741 map and also on Faden's map of 1797. The mill site was to the North of Daniels Road, mid-way between Ipswich Road and Newmarket Road and the mill stood about 100 feet above sea level.

The mill used a single pair of French burr stones and a flour mill.

To be LETT or SOLD, a WINDMILL one mile from St. Stephen's Gates; with all her going Gears, one Pair of French Stones, and a FLOUR MILL, all in exceeding good Repair.
For Particulars enquire of Mr. John Brown, Baker, near St. Michael's Coslany Bridge, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st March 1777

To be SOLD, a very good and substantial MILL in good Repair out of St. Stephen's Gates, the Road to Eaton, with all the Going-geers and Utensils, now in the occupation of Mark Hayton.
For Particulars apply to Foster, Son & Unthank, Attornies at Law in Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th & 12th & 19th February 1785

By Richard Bacon
On Friday 27th Day of May Instant precisely at 4 o'c in the afternoon at the White Swan, Norwich
A Very good WINDMILL standing just without Saint Stephens Gates, with a Dwelling House and Stable adjoining, together with about 3 Acres of good Land adjoing , on Part of which the above Premises stand. The Land is Leasehold of St. Stephen's Parish for a Term of which about 25 years are unexpired, subject to an annual Rent of £10.
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th & 21st May 1785

Buck's S.E. Prospect of Norwich 1741: Windmill

Buck's S.E. Prospect of Norwich 1741: Windmill

March 1777: Mill advertised to be let or sold

1785: Mark Hayton, miller

May 1785: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Census 1841: Robert Chapman (25) miller
Elizabeth Chapman (25)
George Chapman (47)

Census 1851: Robert Samuel Chapman (39) b.Castle Rising, miller
Eliza Chapman (35) b.St Edmunds, Lincs
Frederick Chapman (8) b.Eaton
Emma Chapman (6) b.Eaton
Anna Chapman (4) b.Eaton
Henry Chapman (2) b.Eaton
Robert Chapman (1) b.Eaton
Address: Eaton Road, Eaton St Andrews

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