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The four storey mill buck was set on a roundhouse and in the 1700s was using used common sails to power a single pair of French burr stones, a flour mill, cylinder and jumper. In later years a second pair of stones had been installed.

To be SOLD or LETT at Michaelmas next.

A substantial well-built WINDMILL; with One Pair of exceeding good French Stones, at Lakenham, near Norwich.
Further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Sayer at Trowse_Mill, or to Mr. Thomas Rayner at Norton near Loddon.

Norfolk Chronicle - 20th July 1771

Norwich, Dec. 26,1783.

To be SOLD or LETT, and entered upon immediately, an old accustomed and well known BAKING OFFICE, situate near Coslany Bridge, many years in the occupation of Mr. William Lindoe, deceased, and now occupied by Mary Brown, widow.
Also to be SOLD, an exceeding good Windmill, situate within half a Mile of this City, well fitted up with every necessary implement and Convenience for making Flour.
for Particulars apply to John Wright, Appraiser, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 20th December 1783

The mill was marked on Faden's 1797 map and it was known as Lakenham Mill in 1812. John Buck jnr. was the miller in 1816 having previously been at the St. Stephen's Gate postmill.

There was a robbery at the mill on the 12th December 1812.

Thursday se'nnight Mr. Buck's mill, without Ber-street gates, was entered by means of picklock keys, and four sacks of flour stolen away.
Norfolk Chronicle - 21st December 1816

To be Sold by Auction
By Mr. Wm. Butcher On Friday 15 October 1824
A Freehold Estate situate near the old Windmill, Lakenham Hall Road, Norwich, within five minutes walk of Surrey Street . . .
Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd & 9th October 1824

The mill was marked on the 1826 and 1830 map. John Buck was listed in Pigot's directory of 1830 and the mill was marked on the 1834 map.

Windmill and Pasture Land
In St. Stephen's Street, in the City of Norwich,
On Thursday, the 23rd day of April, 1835,
At the Bell Inn, Orford Hill, Norwich,
Precisely at Four o'clock in the Afternoon
By Direction of the Assignees of Messrs. FRANCIS, TURNER, and WEST.

Lot 1. ALL that capital POST WINDMILL, situate at LAKENHAM, known by the name of "Buck's Mill," driving two pairs of French Stones, flour mill, cylinder, and jumper, with all her going gears, a brick round-house, boarded stable and cart lodges, all standing upon ground held (with 2A. 2R. 0P. part garden, and the residue excellent pasture land) under a lease granted by Mr. Southwell, and all the Right and Interest of the Lessee or of his Assigns thereunder.
For Particulars and conditions of sale apply to Mr. Matthew Rackham, or Mr. Brightwell, Solicitors, or to the Auctioneer.

Norfolk Chronicle - 11th & 18th April 1835

Messrs. Davy and Woolnough were the millers in 1836. The Woolnough of the partnership possibly being William Woolnough, who was to run the second Mousehold Black postmill. The mill was marked on the 1838 map. William Bain and then Matthew Bean were the millers in 1839.

James Buckingham followed them and in 1841 he was given as a miller aged 20-24 living in Mill Street, Lakenham. He was listed in Blyth's Directory of 1842 as being at "Buck's Mill".
Adverts appearing in the Norfolk Chronicle on various occasions mentioned residential properties for sale in Lakenham
near Mr. Buck's mill.

John Buck had already died, when his daughter also died on the 26th January 1846.


Tuesday last, aged 39, Elizabeth Harrison, wife of Mr. John Spurgeon, printer, of Islington, London, late of this city, and daughter of the late Norwich. John Buck, miller, of Lakenham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 31st January 1846

To be SOLD by Private Contract,
To be removed from off the Premises.

ALL that substantial and well built POST WIND-MILL, situate in the hamlet of Lakenham, Norwich, called or known by the name of "Buck's Mill," consisting of four floors and a round-house, with the going gears, and all appurtances thereto belonging, late in the occupation of Buckenham.
Further particulars may be obtained by applying to Mr. Robert Wortley, Solicitor, Tombland, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th & 22nd April 1848

The Mr. Buckenham mentioned above was probably Daniel Buckenham, who was living in Southwell Street in 1847. The mill was not sold and William Smith was the miller in 1850, having previously been at
Mousehold_Black_postmill. John Tuttle was the next known miller; He was born c.1817 in Barford and had previously been running a windmill at Field Dalling, Norfolk, probably as an employee. He had died by the summer of 1864, when the mill was again for auction
to be removed. William Smith was to run Eglington's mill some time later.

At the Castle Hotel, Norwich,
On Monday, the 4th day of July, 1864,
At Five for Six o'clock in the Evening,
In Four Lots.

by order of the Executrix of Mr. JOHN TUTTLE, dec.
Lot 3. - All that Piece of GARDEN GROUND, well situated for building, containing 19 Rods, more or less, with the Cottage, large Workshops, and other Buildings thereon, abutting on Back Cherry-street, at Lakenham, late in the occupation of the said John Tuttle.
Land-tax 1s.
All the above Lots are Freehold.
Lot 4. - All that WINDMILL and ROUND-HOUSE, called "Buck's Mill," situate at Lakenham, aforesaid, driving two pairs of stones, with the Machinery and Going Gears complete, late in the occupation of the said John Tuttle.
This Mill is erected on Land belonging to E. W. Trafford, Esq., and will have to be removed previous to Michaelmas next, unless the purchaser makes an arrangement with him.
For Particulars and Conditions of Sale apply to Mr. Abel Tillett, Solicitor, St. Andrew's-street; or the Auctioneer, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 25th June & 2nd July 1864

To Millers and others
TO BE SOLD, a Bargain, all the WINDMILL and ROUND HOUSE called Buck's Mill, situate at Lakenham, driving two pairs of stones, late in the occupation of John Tuttle.
For further particulars apply to William Smith, Trafalgar Street, Lakenham, Norwich and
J. Browne, Millwright, Cherry Tree, Lakenham.

Norfolk News - 9th July 1864

All the Materials and Machinery comprised in the Windmill and Round House called BUCK'S MILL, together with Two pairs of Stones, Going Gears etc.
Mr. Hunter is instructed to Sell by Auction in one Lot on Friday August 26, 1864 at 5 o'c in the Afternoon precisely in the Ground at Lakenham, the MATERIALS as above described.
The Purchaser will be required to remove the Mill by the 14th September next.
Further particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, St. Andrews Hall Plain, Norwich.

Norfolk News - 27th August 1864

To Millwrights and others
Mr. Hunter is instructed to Sell by AUction upon the Ground, Lakenham, the MATERIALS and MACHINERY (now being taken down) in the Wind Mill called Buck's Mill on Thursday September 15, 1864, Comprising two Pairs of Excellent Mill Stones, all the Cog Wheels, Bolts, Iron work, Brass Gears, Mill Post and Shaft, large Beams, a quantity of Weather Boarding, Floor Boards, Brick work, Sail Cloths, Bins, Scales, Weights etc.
Sale to commence at 11 o'c.
Offices at St. Andrews Hall Plain, Norwich.

Norfolk News - 3rd September 1864

July 1771: Mill advertised to be sold or let

December 1783: Mill advertised to be sold or let

1812: John Buck, miller

1816: John Buck jnr., miller

October 1824: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Pigot's 1830:
John Buck, miller, New Lakenham

Manning's map 1834: Windmill

April 1835: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1836: Davy & Woolnough, millers

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

1839: William Bain, miller

1839:Matthew Bean, miller

1840:Matthew Bean, miller

Census 1841: Matthew Bean (40-45) b.Honingham, miller
Eliza Bean (35-40)
Charlotte Bean (10)
Henry Bean (7)
Matthew Bean (5)
Sarah Bean (4)
Bridge Street, St. Michael Coslany

Blyth's 1842: John Buckingham, miller, Buck's Mill

1846: D. Buckenham, miller

April 1848: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

1850: William Smith, miller

Census 1861: Matthew Bean (60) journeyman miller lodging at Filby's Yard, St. Gregory's

1864: John Tuttle, miller

July 1864: Mill advertised for sale

August 1864: Mill advertised for sale to be removed

September 1864: Mill parts advertised for sale as mill being dismantled

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