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The easternmost of the two Gas Hill towermills was often known as Jennings' Mill. The mill was variously a corn mill and a sawmill during its working life.

The mill had patent sails and a fantail that powered two pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper. By 1856 the mill had been converted to run as a sawmill, although the millstones were still in situ.

Samuel Jennings was born c.1808 at Broome, Norfolk. He was listed in Harrod's Directory as a saw & planing miller and sawyer at Mousehold.In 1871 he was given as a sawyer aged 63 living in Mousehold, Thorpe with his wife Priscilla (52). He was listed in Hamilton's Directory of 1879 as at the saw mills, Mousehold. The mill was marked as a Saw Mill on the 1884 map.

Peter De Caux, formerly of Golden Ball Street in the city of Norwich, miller, Groat-maker and Corn Chandler, and late of the Hamlet of Thorpe, in the county of the City of Norwich, Miller and Groat maker, Bankrupt.
London Gazette - 4th March 1834

To be Sold or Let with immediate possession

That capital Tower Windmill, situated near the Norwich Gas Works, Bishops Bridge, now in a complete state of repair, with patent sails, driving two pair of French stones, new flour mill and jumper etc. For rent and further particulars apply to L. De Caux, at the Ranelagh Gardens, St. Stephen's Gates, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th May 1837

To be Sold or Let with immediate possession

That substantial well built Brick Tower Windmill driving two pair of French Stones, with Patent Sails and all her going geers complete, situated near the Norwich Gas Works.
For further particulars apply to Mr. De Caux, at the Ranelagh Gardens, or Mr. Fulcher, Millwright, near the Mills, who will show the premises.

Norfolk Chronicle - 8th December 1838

Mary Ann De Caux was the miller from 1847, having been born c.1802 at Hickling, Norfolk. She was listed in Hunt's Directory of 1850 as miller at Mousehold, with a home in Thorpe Hamlet.


JENNINGS. - On the 6th inst., at St. Leonard's Road, Mousehold, Norwich, Samuel Jennings, aged 77.
Norwich Mercury - 29th August 1885

Probable site of Jennings' mill July 2004 Probable site of Jennings' mill July 2004
Probable site of Jennings' mill July 2004

The site today lies in Camp Grove and a circular depression in the ground may indicate the site of the mill. There is a low wall covering about one-third of the circumference of a circle which may have been part of the foundations of the mill. The diameter would have been about 24'.

1954 watercolour by Thomas Graysmark
1954 watercolour by Thomas Graysmark

The above 1954 watercolour by Thomas Graysmark, shows a warehouse-like buiding beside the river in Thorpe, clearly marked with the name Jennings on its roof. The O.S. maps of 1883-84 and 1947 show a sawmill close to Whitefriars Bridge. It is not know if the two buildings are in any way connected.

O. S. Map 1884

O. S. Map 1884
Courtesy of NLS map images

O. S. Map 1883

O. S. Map 1883
Mill marked in red with the nearby Gallant's mill marked in black just to west and slightly north
Courtesy of NLS map images

Map 1885

Map 1885
Jennings Mill marked as a Sawmill to the east and Gallant's Mill marked as a Corn Mill to the west

Map 1794: Windmill

Map 1824: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1834: Peter De Caux miller, bankrupt

Septemberl 1834: Mill advertised for sale by auction

May 1837: Mill advertised to sold or let

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

December 1838: Mill advertised to be sold or let

1847: Mary Ann De Caux, miller

Hunt's 1850: Mary Ann De Caux, miller, Mousehold

Census 1851: Mary Ann De Caux (49) miller
Susanna Kerrison (67) mother
George C. Kerrison (47) miller, brother
Address: Chalk Hill, Thorpe Road

1852: Mary Ann De Caux, miller

1854: Robert Ransome, miller

White's 1854: Samuel Jennings, stave cutter, Mousehold

1856: Samuel Jennings, saw miller

1859: Samuel Jennings, saw miller

1867: Samuel Jennings, saw miller

White's 1868: Samuel Jennings, saw miller, Gashouse Hill

Hamilton's 1879: Samuel Jennings, saw mills, Mousehold

Census 1881: Samuel Jennings (73) sawyer
Priscilla Jennings (62) wife.
Address: Gas Hill, Thorpe

Eyre's 1883: Samuel Jennings, saw mill proprietor, St. Leonard's Road
Kelly's 1883: Samuel Jennings, sawy
er, Mousehold
Kelly's 1883: Samuel Jennings, corn miller

O. S. Map 1884: Windmill (Corn)

6th August 1885: Samuel Jennings, miller, died aged 77

White's 1888: Samuel Jennings, miller, Gashouse Hill

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