Gresham Mill
Gur - tributary of Scarrow Beck

Old Watermill Farm House March 1977
Old Watermill Farm House March 1977

Gresham mill would have been small and was attached to the side of the mill house. The site later became known as Old Watermill Farm and was in Lower Gresham.
In 1819 the mill was powering 2 pairs of French burr stones, which meant flour was being ground from wheat.
In 1977 all that remained were the old channel and some of the foundations.

The village took its name from the stream, which was anciently known as the Gur or Ger.

The original watercourse and mill foundations in 1977 Mill foundations in March 1977
The original watercourse and mill foundations in 1977
Mill foundations in March 1977

Estate consisting of a watermill, messuages and lands in Gresham, Aylmerton and Bassingham, together with other estates throughout Norfolk, mortgaged by Earl of Yarmouth, 1698; conveyed by him to John Jacob and Dorsett Surby to bar the entails, 1709; estate in Gresham and Aylmerton conveyed to William Throry, 1710. A barn and 36a. 4p., with 4 pieces of dole land sold by Throry's executors to Queen Anne's bounty to augment Rectory of Matlaske, 1745. 37a. 1r. sold by the incumbent of Plumstead and Matlaske to Capt. R.C. Batt, 1908. With probate of will of William Throry, 1743, abstracts of title, plans and correspondence, 1908-1910.
Title Deeds 1698-1910 - Norfolk Record Office

Estate of William Banyer in Gresham, Aylmerton and Felbrigg.
Deeds of a water mill, with buildings, and 8a. 2r. 2p. in Gresham, and 3a. 27p. of leasehold land in Gresham, upon which Critoph erected a windmill: watermill and 3a. conveyed by William Throry to Edward Fox, 1735; devised by Fox to his son Henry Fox, 1753; conveyed by Thomas Fox to John Jay, 1768 (premises now described as "formerly a watermill"); and by Jay to Cornelius Wilson, 1771, and by him to Robert Critoph, 1775 (premises now described as "a watermill lately erected").
3a. leased by William Windham to Robert Critoph, 1779. Whole estate conveyed and assigned by Critoph to John Cadge, 1813, by Cadge to W. H. Windham, 1832. With mortgages.

Title Deeds 1735-1813 - Norfolk Record Office

Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd July 1796
Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd July 1796
(could have referred to Gresham postmill)

Norfolk Record Office holds deeds for the leasehold of the watermill, buildings and land comprising of 8a. 2r. 2p. along with a further 3a. 27p. where Robert Critoph erected a postmill.

In 1883 William Critoph was working Yaxham_towermill and Mattishall_Mill_Road_towermill and he was a descendent of Robert Critoph of Gresham who in turn was probably related to the Critoph milling family of Sheringham and Upper Sheringham.

In 1753 Edward Fox, miller of Kettlestone published his will, leaving his property at Gresham to his wife Christian Fox and on her demise to his son Robert Fox, a brickmaker.

The watermill was rebuilt at some point between 1768 and 1775.

To millers

With possession at Lady next
To be Sold by Auction by B. Barcham On Saturday 27 February 1819 At the Lion Inn, Holt. Between the hours of 2 & 4 o'clock. All that desirable Freehold Situation at Gressham in the county of Norfolk, consisting of a good water corn mill with two pair of French stones, two flour mills & going gears complete. Also an excellent Post_Wind_Mill & roundhouse under the same with one pair of five feet French stones, new, together with a newly erected and convenient dwelling house & requisite offices, yards, garden & 7 acres of good arable and pasture land, new barn, stable, cow house, sheds etc. the whole in complete & substantial repair; also 3 acres of good arable leasehold land, 20 years of which will be unexpired at Michaelmas next. The above mills are well situated for trade being within 4 miles of Cromer, 6 of Holt & 8 of Aylsham & North Walsham.
Apply, if by letter post paid, to Mr. John CADGE, the proprietor
Norfolk Chronicle 13th & 20th February 1819

To be SOLD or LET for a Term of Years
With Possession at Michaelmas next
All those FREEHOLD PREMISES situate in Gresham in Norfolk consisting of a WATER CORN MILL & POST_WIND_MILL with a good Dwelling house, Barn, Stable & every requisite outbuilding with about 12 acres of Arable & Meadow Land attached thereto.
Apply to Mr. John Cadge on the premises or to Mr. M. Cadge, Hoveton St. John, if by letter post paid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th August & 1st September 1827

GRESHAM, Norfolk
To be SOLD or LET With Possession at Michaelmas next
A Good Dwelling House at Gresham in Norfolk in thorough repair with stable, hay house, a new barn & other convenient outbuildings & a Water Mill adjoining the House, together with about 10 Acres of Arable & Pasture Land, all Freehold. Also a very substantial Post Windmill near the above premises & about 3 acres of Land on part of which the Windmill stands. The Land is held under a Lease for a term of which about 13 years will be unexpired at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mr. John Cadge the proprietor or to Messrs. Sewell, Blake, Keith & Blake, Solrs. Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th September, 4th & 11th October 1828

Tithe map 1842
Tithe map 1842 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1843
Map, James Wright, Landsurveyor, Aylsham, 1842
Owner: William Howe Windham
Occupier: John Durrant

No. 45
No. 46
No. 47

Mill Pightle
Cottages, Yards, Buildings & Meadow

Mill Meadow

N.B. No mills were shown or mentioned

Gresham Mill Common postmill was situated on one of the highest points in the county and in 1864 White's directory states that "....from it may be distinctly seen 36 churches and objects at a distance off 25 miles."

Critoph family tree
Mills include:- Gresham watermill, windmill, Gt Dunham, Mattishall, Sheringham, Swanton Morley, Upper Sheringham, Yaxham postmill, smockmill, towermill

O. S. Map 1885

O. S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

1698: Mill mortgaged by Earl of Yarmouth

1709: Earl of Yarmouth conveyed mill to John Jacob & Dorsett Surby

1710: Estate in Gresham & Aylmerton conveyed to William Throry

1735: William Throry conveyed the mill and 3 acres to Edward Fox

1743: William Throry died

1753: Robert Cawston possibly renting the mill from Edward Fox

22nd April 1753: Edward Fox, miller of Kettlestone and owner of Gresham mills published his will of 8th

1753: Edward Fox passed the mill on to his son Henry Fox

1768: Thomas Fox conveyed the property,
formerly a watermill, to John Jay

1771: John Jay conveyed the property to Cornelius Wilson

1775: Cornelius Wilson converyed a
watermill lately erected to Robert Critoph

1779: William Windham leased 3 acres to Robert Critoph

Faden's map 1797: Mill

Poll Book 1802: Robert Critoph

1813: Robert Critoph conveyed and assigned the estate to John Cadge

1818: John Cadge, also Gresham postmill

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

1828: John Cadge, also Gresham postmill

September 1828: Watermill and Windmill advertised for sale or let

1832: John Cadge conveyed the property to W.H. Windham with mortgages

1845: William C. Lees, although he was possibly the windmiller. By 1864 Whites does not list a miller at all

Census 1851: Samuel Cooper (18), employee (living with John Ward, master miller, employing 1 person at either Erpingham, Gresham or Sheringham)

Census 1851: Robert C. Lee (58) corn miller (possibly windmiller)

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