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23rd March 2003
23rd March 2003

Little Walsingham Mill originally belonged to the Priory but it was demolished around the early 1900s.
Bricked up doors and windows can be seen in the wall forming part of the road bridge. When viewed on the priory side the features stand out even more clearly.

So far I know little of the mill's history.

23rd March 2003
Mill wall forming part of the road bridge 23rd March 2003

Much of the stone to build the priory was brought in from Northamptonshire on flat bottomed barges towed up the River Stiffkey, which was navigable to Brooker's Dock on the opposite side of the priory to the mill.

Bishop Warner, who owned the mill in the 1600s did not have an heir and left the estate to his nephew (? Lee) on the understanding that the Warner name was retained. Thus the new family name became Lee Warner.
H. Lee Warner later came to own Little Walsingham postmill.

23rd March 2003 23rd March 2003
Bricked in old door in the centre and a former window to the left 23rd March 2003

O. S. Map 1904

O. S. Map 1904
Courtesy of NLS map images

The mill stood next to the road just below the point marked Weir, which was the area of the mill dam.

O.S. Map 2005
O.S. Map 2005
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

1642: Owned by Bishop Warner of Rochester

Index of Wills 1781: Lewis Minn, miller - also postmill ?

1796: ? Minns, miller

Faden's map 1797: Mill

1900s: Mill and site owned by the Lee Warner family

Early 1900s: Mill demolished

2003: Only lower brickwork forming part of road bridge remain

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