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Little Walsingham postmill stood to the west side of the Wells Road. The mill worked with two pairs of stones and a flour mill.

Bishop Warner, who owned the watermill in the 1600s did not have an heir and left the estate to his nephew (? Lee) on the understanding that the Warner name was retained. Thus the new family name became Lee Warner.
H. Lee Warner later came to own Little Walsingham postmill.

Whereas I, JOHN LOWDER of Sculthorpe in the county of Norfolk, Miller, have at various Times spoken disrespectfully of the character and credit of Mr. William Banyard of Little Walsingham in the said county, Miller ....
Now I, the said John Lowder do hereby beg Pardon ...
Witness my Hand this 19th Day of June 1777

The Mark of John Lowder
Witness B. Mallett
John Pye
Norfolk Chronicle - 28th June 1777

To be SOLD ... Messuage, Shop etc in Mattishall and entered upon at Michaelmas next, a good accustomed WIND-MILL, Boulting Mill House, Boulting Mill and all going Tackle to the same belonging, together with a Close called the Windmill Close, containing by Estimation four Acres, situate in Little Walsingham in the said County. Part Freehold, Part Copyhold. The Copyhold Fine Certain.
Apply to Mr. John Pye, Attorney at Walsingham aforesaid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th July 1778

Dec 16 Fri.
Mr. Ellis of Cley and Mr. T. Balls Junr. of Saxlingham breakfasted here and went with Wm to Walsingham to see Mr. Minns new Mill.
Mary Hardy's Diary, Letheringsett - 1796

To be Sold by Auction by R. Codman
On Friday November 18, 1859 at 4 o'c in the Afternoon at the Black Lion Inn, without reserve.
All that capital POST WINDMILL driving two pair of stones, well fitted up with flour mill and all requisite going gear, as she now stands and sold to be taken down, the property of H. LEE WARNER, Esq.
To view the same apply to Mrs. Gamble or the Auctioneer, Walsingham.
Norfolk News - 5th & 12th November 1859

A view of Walsingham with the windmill in the distance northwest of the church with its steeple was published in Excursions in the County of Norfolk in1819. The scene had been engraved by W. Wallis from a drawing by J. Sell Cotman in 1818.

White's 1845: James Bull, baker

White's 1864: John Gamble, sheriff's officer & coal dealer
White's 1864: Mary Elizabeth Gamble, farmer

1777: William Banyard, miller

July 1778: Mill advertised for sale

Index of Wills 1781: Lewis Minn, miller - also watermill ?

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1829: Edmund Jarrett, miller

White's 1836: Josiah Bull, miller and baker, High street

1839: Josiah Bull, miller

1840: Josiah Bull, miller

White's 1845: Josiah Bull, miller & baker, High street

1850: John Gamble, miller

White's 1854: John Gamble, miller & farmer, Market place

1859: Mill owned by H. Lee Warner

November 1859: Mill advertised for sale by auction to be taken down

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