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Brancaster south postmill stood a few yards to the south of the north_postmill in Mill Road and was an open trestle postmill with common sails and was turned into the wind via tailpole. The mill ran one pair of 4ft 8ins stones.

To be Sold by Private Contract
With Possession at Old Michaelmas next
Two capital POST WIND MILLS, one with an excellent round house under it, with all their going gears, with the dwelling house, walled-in garden & offices. The Mills are well placed for wind & for shipping flour being within a mile of Brancaster Staith.

Enquire of Mr. Norman Matthews at Holme next the Sea. The Tenant will shew the Premises.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th & 25th September 1819

Two Capital WINDMILLS in Brancaster, Norfolk.
To be Sold by Auction by W. Sturley On Thursday July 3, 1823 at 4 o’c At the Ship in Brancaster
Unless sooner Disposed of by Private Contract
All those Two Capital POST WIND MILLS with going gears complete situated in yards adjoining each other at Brancaster in the county of Norfolk & which are calculated to carry on a considerable Shipping Trade being within one mile of the Port of Brancaster Staith.
One of the above Mills stands over an excellent Round House with two floors, contains two pair of 4 ft. French stones, winding tackle & Cubitt’s patent sails & is considered one of the most complete mills in the county.
The other Mill contains one pair of 4 ft. 8 inch French stones; also a good Messuage divided into three tenements, situate in Brancaster aforesaid, with a walled-in garden well planted with choice fruit trees, cow house, piggeries, stabling for five horses & other outbuildings thereto belonging, together with an unlimited right for cattle over a very extensive salt marsh & also a right for two heads of stock over a valuable common in Brancaster called Barrow Common.

Apply at the Office of Mr. Charles Goodwin, Solr. Lynn, to Mr. Martin Dodman, Thornham, or to the Auctioneer, Dersingham, Norfolk. Letters to be post paid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 31st May, 14th, 21st & 28th June 1823

To Millers
To be Let & entered upon at Michaelmas next
Two POST WINDMILLS (one with patent sails & winding tackle), a very good Dwelling house with Bake house & Flour Shop attached thereto with Stable, Granary etc. etc. situated at Brancaster & now in full trade, in the occupation of Mr. W. Sudbury. The above premises are within a mile of Brancaster Staithe from whence Flour may be shipped to any part of the Kingdom.
Apply to Mr. Samuel Sharpe, Sunderland House, Docking, Norfolk or Mr. Sturley, Auctioneer, Dersingham, letters post paid, & on a Tuesday at the Globe Inn, Lynn.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th & 18th September 1824

Brancaster, Norfolk
To be Sold or Let
TWO POST WIND-MILLS situate at Brancaster, one of which stands over an excellent Roundhouse with two floors & contains a pair of 4 ft. French Stones, Winding Tackle & Cubitt’s Patent Sails. The other Mill has one pair of 4 ft. 8 inch French stones.
Also to be LET with the said Mills a good Dwelling house with Flour Shop, Bake house, Granary, Stables & a Common Right over the Salt Marshes at Brancaster aforesaid.
The above Mills are situate within a mile of the Port of Brancaster which makes it a desirable situation for shipping Flour.
Immediate Possession may be had of the whole Premises.

Apply (if by letter post paid) to Mr. Samuel Sharpe of Brancaster or Messrs. Jarvis, Attornies, Lynn.
Norfolk Chronicle - 13th & 20th June 1829

Tithe map 1841
Tithe map 1841 as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1841
Map by E. Durrant, Kings Lynn
Owner Samuel Sharpe
Occupier William Bunting
No. 253 Mill & yard 0a. 1r. 4p. Pt. of £2. 2. 0

Highly important Mercantile Situation & Maltings, Two excellent Windmills, 11 Cottages & 5 good Coasting Vessels for Sale by Auction by Mr. Cruso at the Globe Hotel, Kings Lynn (By order of the Devisees in trust for Sale of the late Mr. Samuel Sharpe, on Friday 3 September 1847 at 6 o’c.
Lot 2. All that Piece of Ground situate in & Copyhold of the Manor of Brancaster, with the Wind Mill standing thereon with two pairs of 4 ft. stones, Flour Mill & Jumper, with Patent Sails & winds herself, abutting upon the road leading from Brancaster to Docking.
Also all that Piece of freehold Land adjoining with the Wind Mill thereon with one pair of 4 ft. stones.
The above Mills are in excellent repair & in the occupation of Mr. William Bunting as tenant from year to year.
Estate viewed on application to Mr. Wright at Brancaster Staithe.

Further particulars on application to Mr. Archbould, Solr. Thrapston, Northamptonshire or the Auctioneer, Kings Lynn.
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th, 14th & 28th August 1847

Has received instructions to Sell by Auction on Friday March 9, 1877 the remaining part of the WRECK arising from the breaking up of the Norwegian Barque NORMA ...
Also immediately after the above will be sold a

An old sail back, pair of millstones & about 6000 old bricks.
The Sale will commence in the Yard at the Ship Inn at Brancaster at 12 o'c in the forenoon.

Lynn Advertiser - 3rd March 1877

O.S. Map 1886
South mill still operating at 123 and North mill site only at 124 - O.S. Map 1886
Courtesy of NLS map images

Faden's map 1797: Wind Mills (north and south mills)

1806: John Derisley, miller

August 1806: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Septermber 1819: South mill and North mill advertised for sale by private contract

June 1823: South mill and North mill advertised for sale by auction

O.S. map 1824: Mill

1824: W. Sudbury, miller; owner: Samuel Sharpe

September 1824: South mill and North mill advertised for sale by auction

Brant's map 1826: Mill

20th May 1829: North mill and South mill to be sold by auction

June 1829: South mill and North mill advertised for sale or to be let. Owner Samuel Sharpe

Tithe Award 1841: Owner: Samuel Sharpe; Occupier: William Bunting

c.1847: Samuel Sharpe, owner, died

1847: William Bunting, tenant miller

August 1847: South mill and North mill advertised for sale by auction

March 1877: Mill advertised for sale by auction

O.S. map 1886: Brancaster Windmill (Corn)

O.S. map 1891-92: Brancaster Windmill (Corn)

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