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Mill derelict c.1900

Burnham Market postmill stood in the small village that comprised of Burnham, Ulph and Sutton that was to the southeast side of Burnham Westgate that later, when combined, became known as Burnham Market. The mill was erected in Norton Lane but sometime after 1851, the name was changed to Bellamy's Lane (after the miller William Bellamy).

It is probable that the mill was built as an open trestle mill with common sails but in later years it stood over a roundhouse and had clockwise rotating patent sails and a fantail carriage on a tailpole. The sails powered a single pair of 5ft stones in 1835 and 2 pairs of French burr stones and a flour cylinder in 1891, one pair of stones being 4ft 8ins and the other pair 3ft. A horse mill was operated in the flour house.

c.1817 from an etching by John Sell Cotman

The above etching depicts All Saints church at Burnham Ulph with the mill just to its left. In 1772 the rector was the Rev. Edmund Nelson, the father of Horatio Nelson.

Closeup from above etching by John Sell Cotman - c.1817

Burnham Westgate, Norfolk
To be Let For a Term of Years with Immediate Possession
A Capital POST WINDMILL, roomy Baking Office with two ovens, a very convenient Dwelling house & Cottage & about 2 acres of very productive Arable Land now in the occupation of Mr. William Bellamy the Proprietor, who is retiring from business through infirmaties.
A considerable Retail Trade has been carried on for many years & the above will be found well worth attention.
Apply to Mr. W. Curson, Auctioneer, Burnham, letters post paid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st & 15th October 1831

Notice re
William Bellamy of Burnham Westgate, Miller & Baker
Deed of Assignment for benefit of Creditors.

Norfolk Chronicle - 10th December 1831 

Burnham Westgate
To be Sold by Auction by Wm. Curson on Monday 19 December & the following day
Milling & Baking requisites, Household Furniture etc.
of William Bellamy under a Deed of Assignment.

Norfolk Chronicle - 10th December 1831 

Burnham Market
To be Let With Possession at Michaelmas next.
A POST WINDMILL driving one pair of five feet stones & flour cylinder, also a flour house containing a good horse mill etc. & a Bake Office adjoining containing two good ovens.
Also two acres of excellent Arable Land with Barn, Stables & all other necessary outbuildings. Also a comfortable Dwelling house.
Apply to Mr. Oakes, Burnham Westgate.

Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd October 1835

To Millers & Millwrights
WANTED, one good free Second hand 4 ft. 8 in. diameter FRENCH BURR MILL STONE.
Apply stating lowest price to E. Greenwood, Miller, Burnham Sutton, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 20th October 1860

John Kerrison married Ann Herring of Great Ringstead. Their eldest son Robert, married and lived in Kings Lynn and his brother Samuel, moved to Manchester.

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a man to Work a WINDMILL.
Apply to E. Greenwood, Burnham Westgate, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 19th November 1870

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a man to Work a WINDMILL.
Apply to E. Greenwood, Burnham Westgate, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 29th June 1872

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a man to Work a WINDMILL.
Apply to E. Greenwood, Burnham Westgate, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 30th October 1875

Mill Yard 10th October 2006 Mill Yard 10th October 2006
Site of mill at Mill Yard 10th October 2006
Mill Yard 10th October 2006

Burnham Market, within three minutes walk of G.E.R. Station
To be Sold by Auction by George S. Andrews
At the Hoste Arms Hotel, Burnham Market on Wednesday 12 August 1891 at 3 for 4 o’c in the afternoon (by direction of the proprietor, Mr. E. Greenwood, who is retiring from business & leaving the district), a capital

With substantially built Round House, driving two pairs of stones (4 ft. 8 ins. & 3 ft.) full sized Flour mill, fitted with patent sails & all necessary gear for carrying on the business of a miller. Also an enclosure of excellent LAND surrounding the mill and containing about half an acre (more or less) with a cart shed thereon.
For the past 34 years in the occupation of the proprietor who is retiring from business.
The Mill is in good working condition & may be viewed any day by arrangement.
The property is all Freehold & immediate possession can be had if desired.
Further particulars of the Auctioneer or of
E.B. Loynes & Son
Solrs. Wells next the Sea.

Lynn Advertiser - 1st & 8th August 1891

George S. Andrews
Is favoured with instructions from Mr. E. Greenwood (who is retiring from business) to Sell by Auction on Wednesday 7 October 1891 part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ...
Sale on the premises at 11 o'c precisely.
Lynn Advertiser - 26th September 1891

The mill ceased operation c.1892 and in 1890 Erasmus Greenwood was recorded as a baker only, having worked the windmill for 34 years.
Mrs. Scoles of Burnham Market wrote on 20th January 1983 that William Love Porritt of Burnham Overy Union Mills worked Burnham Market postmill for a time before it ceased operation.

Gravestone of Erasmus Greenwood
Gravestone of Erasmus Greenwood

Erasmus Greenwood died on 3rd November 1901 at the age of 76 and was buried in Burnham Ulph All Saints churchyard. The inscription on his gravestone reads:

In Loving Memory of
JUNE 16TH 1888
AGED 61.
AGED 76.

O.S. Map 1886
O.S. Map 1886
Mill site top centre on map
Courtesy of NLS map images

Index of Wills 1750: Christopher Dexter, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Poll Book 1802: William Bellamy, miller

1822: William Bellamy, miller & baker

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Pigot's 1830: William Bellamy, miller & baker

1831: William Bellamy, miller & baker

October 1831: Mill advertised to let as William Bellamy wished to retire due to ill health (Burnham Westgate)

December 1831: Business effects of William Bellamy advertised for sale by auction (Burnham Westgate)

October 1835: Mill advertised to be let (Burnham Market)

1846: William Tinker, miller & baker

1850: William Tinker, miller & baker

1853: William Tinker, miller & baker

White's 1854: William & J. Tinker, bakers & corn millers (Burnham Market)

1856: William & J. Tinker, bakers & corn millers

1858: Erasmus Greenwood, miller & baker

1860: Erasmus Greenwood, miller (Burnham Sutton)

Census 1861:

John Kerrison (60) b.Wighton, miller’s man
Ann Kerrison (44) b.Ringstead
Matilda Kerrison (24) b.Brancaster
Kate Jane Kerrison (22) b.Burnham Westgate
Willie Kerrison (2) b.Burnham Westgate, grandson
Address: Back Street, Burnham Westgate (moved from Brancaster)

White's 1864: Erasmus Greenwood, miller & baker (Burnham Ulph & Sutton)

1870: Erasmus Greenwood, miller (Burnham Westgate)

1872: Erasmus Greenwood, miller (Burnham Westgate)

1875: Erasmus Greenwood, miller (Burnham Westgate)

Kelly's 1879: Erasmus Greenwood, miller & baker (Burnham Market)

White's 1883: Erasmus Greenwood, corn miller & baker (Burnham Westgate)

O. S. map 1886: Windmill

1888: Erasmus Greenwood, miller & baker

August 1891: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Kelly's 1892: William Love Porritt, farmer, miller (wind & water) maltster & merchant; & at Burnham Overy

c.1892: Mill ceased working

3rd November 1901: Erasmus Greenwood died aged 76

2006: Mill outbuilding, possibly granary, still remains on mill site

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