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Dickleburgh had a postmill working at an unknown location in the 1700s that was later moved to Mulbarton.

To be SOLD
A WINDMILL at DICKLEBURGH in the county of Norfolk, in good Repair with all the Stones, going Gares, Tackle & Appurtenances used with & belonging to the same.
For further Particulars enquire of John Broodbank the Occupier or rather of Mr. Watson, Attorney at Thetford.

Norwich Mercury - 2nd November 1751 & weekly until 4th May 1752

Thomas Murrell of Mulbarton swears by oath that about February 1754 he purchased a windmill in Dickleburgh belonging to Amos Potter of TIBENHAM for £40. In August 1754 he removed mill to Mulbarton & eventually moved from Great Moulton to there with his family.
Extract from sworn affidavit

1751: John Broodbank, miller

June 1751: Mill advertised for sale along with Gt Ellingham postmill

November 1751: Mill advertised for sale

1752: John Broodbank, miller

May 1752: Mill advertised for sale

1753: Amos Potter, miller

February 1754: Mill bought by Thomas Murrell for £40

August 1754: Mill moved to Mulbarton

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