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Gt. Ellingham postmill stood in Mill Lane. The mill powered 2 pairs of French burr stones.

To be SOLD
A SMALL Freehold Estate in good repair in Great Ellingham in the county of Norfolk consisting of a good Dwelling House, Granary, & Stables with an Acre of Land or Pasture Ground to the same belonging, together with a very compleat, strong & substantial Windmill used with & belonging to the said Premises, now in the Tenure or Occupation of Robert Titsale, at the Rent of £15 per Annum. N.B. the said Premises will be sold together or in Parcels.
Also an Estate … in Suffolk
… as also another substantial Windmill in the said county of Norfolk.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Augustus Caesar Thompson, Attorney at Thetford.

Norwich Mercury - 29th June & weekly until 24th August 1751

The substantial Windmill in the said county of Norfolk referred to above was in fact at Dickleburgh but it is uncertain as to which one.

To be Sold by Private Contract And entered upon at Michaelmas day next.
A Freehold ESTATE consisting of a Dwelling house with Garden, Outhouses & Premises: also a WINDMILL with good going Geers, all in good repair & condition: also one Acre & a quarter of Arable & Pasture ground contiguous to the same, situate, lying & being in Great Ellingham in the county of Norfolk.
For particulars enquire of Thomas Steward of Ellingham aforesaid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th June 1793

To be Sold by Auction By W. Parson On Thursday 28 th instant
At 3 o’c At the Bear Inn, Attleburgh
Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract
A Good Dwelling House, Stable & other Outbuildings, Garden & about an acre of Land in Great Ellingham. Also a substantial WINDMILL standing near the above dwelling house, well situated for trade. The above estate is freehold & possession will be given to a purchaser on the 5th January next.

Apply to Mr. Wm. Cockell at Attleburgh.
Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd December 1797

To Millers
To be Sold by Auction By Mr. Parson At the Bear Inn in Attleborough on Thursday 5 May 1808 between the hours of 4 & 6 in the afternoon.
A MESSUAGE in Great Ellingham, Norfolk with stables & other convenient outbuildings in good repair & three acres of land.
Also a capital Post Windmill situated for trade now in the occupation of the proprietor, who will give the purchaser immediate possession. The above premises are freehold.

Apply to Mr. Wm. Cockell, Solr. Attleborough.
Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd & 30th April 1808

By W. Parson Early in the next Month, October 1820
At the Crown Inn, Great Ellingham in Norfolk
(Unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract)
A Capital POST WINDMILL with two pair of French stones and going gear complete and a capital Dwelling house and Cottage with barn, stable & outbuildings in good repair and about one acre of arable land adjoining.
Also a new Double Cottage with about 2 acres of excellent arable land adjoining.
The above are situated in Great Ellingham aforesaid and are all Freehold.
Possession of the Dwelling house, Mill & Land may be had at Michaelmas next and of the Cottages at Michaelmas 1821. Part of the Purchase Money may remain on security of the premises.
Apply to Mr. Wm. Bowles the proprietor on the Premises.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th, 23rd & 30th September 1820

Tithe map 1844 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1844 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1844
Owner: Garrett Oddin Taylor
Occupier: John Sayer & others

No. 378

Cottage & land


1a. 3r. 5p.

11s. 4d.

No. 441 House, Cottage & MIll Pasture 1a. 0r. 4p.
2a. 3r. 9p.

POST WINDMILL with HOUSE & LAND at Great Ellingham near Attleborough
TO BE LET with immediate Possession.
Apply to James Bacon, Auctioneer & Estate Agent, Attleborough.
Norfolk News - 24th September 1870

Great Ellingham
To be Let with Possession at Michaelmas next
A capital WINDMILL with Dwelling house & 4 acres of Land in Great Ellingham now in the occupation of Mr. Sayer.
Apply to Mr. Joseph Taylor, Bylaugh near Dereham or to Mr. I. O. Taylor, Solr. Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd October 1847

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a steady Young Man as IMPROVER.
Apply to R. Le Grice, Great Ellingham, Attleboro'.
Norfolk News -11th May 1867

In 1970 Harry Apling recorded that the mill premises were then a ploughted field and that a low ploughed out mound might be the site. A piece of Peak millstone with a semi-circular section furrow was found nearby.

George Butler Mary Butler
George Butler, tenant miller
Mary Butler

At Burgh_St_Margaret,  Maria Butler was mentioned in White’s in 1845 as miller, her husband George having died at Repps. My Great Grandfather was her son George and was Miller at various mills, Forncett, Hingham and Gt Ellingham, at the Post Mill in Mill Lane (where my Grandmother was born) and then the Tower_Mill in Great Ellingham.  His brother Robert Butler was miller at Wacton, although I had not heard mention of this, but Mrs Clegg provided me with family tree and photos of Robert.
Joan Barnard - 17th August 2023 .

Kelly's 1879: Arthur Cook, millwright

1751: Robert Titsale, tenant miller at a rent of £15 per annum

June 1751: Mill advertised for sale along with Dickleburgh postmill

Poll Book 1793: Thomas Steward, miller

June 1793: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

December 1797: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Poll Book 1802: Thomas Steward, miller

April 1808: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1820: William Bowles, miller & proprietor (later moved to Hingham watermill & towermill)

September 1820: Mill advertised for sale by auction or private contract

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: John Sayer, corn miller

Census 1841: Robert Le Grice (33) b.Gt Ellingham, Miller
Rosina Le Grice (31) b.Fakenham
Harriet Le Grice (5) b.Gt Ellingham
Albert Le Grice (3) b. Gt Ellingham
Walter Le Grice (2) b.Gt Ellingham
Herbert Le Grice (1) b.Gt Ellingham
John Wyer (29) b.Rockland, Bakers Assistant
Hannah Skitmore (15) b.Caston, Servant
Address: Church Street

Jonas Mallett (43) b.Besthorpe
Mary Ann Mallett (39) b.Besthorpe
Robert Mallett (18) b.Banham
William Mallett (14) b.Banham, Apprentice to Butcher
Deborah Mallett (13) b.Banham, Scholar
Sophia Mallett (12) b.Banham, Scholar
Hannah Mallett (7) b.Banham, Scholar
Jonas Mallett (4) b.Gt Ellingham, Scholar
Christopher Mallett (2) b.Gt Ellingham
James Mallett (3 mnths) b.Gt Ellingham
Address: Church Street

Tithe Award 1844: Garrett Oddin Taylor, owner; John Sayer, occupier

White's 1845: John Sayer, corn miller

1847: John Sayer, miller

October 1847: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1854: Thomas Wilkins, corn miller

1858: Robert Le Grice, miller & baker

Census 1861: John Sayer, Male (45) b.Norfolk, Miller
Sarah Sayer (45) b.Norfolk
Mary Anne Sayer (15) b.Norfolk
John Saunders (15) b.Norfolk, Apprentice Miller
William Whenn (15) b.Norfolk, Male Servant

Robert Hust (70) b.Norfolk, Agricultural Labourer
Ann Hust (65) b.Norfolk
Robert Hust (45) b.Norfolk, Miller
Lucy Hust (45) b.Norfolk
Eliza Hust (15) b.Norfolk

White's 1864: Executors of Robert Le Grice, corn millers

1867: Robert Le Grice, miller

1868: John F. Clarke, miller & baker

September 1870: Mill advertised to be let

1872: Byworth Thompson, miller

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