East Harling towermill


Drainage Mills (Windpumps)
Steam Mills

c.1902 with Thomas Lawrence & family outside the mill
William Park, employee is standing in the mill door on the first floor

East Harling towermill on the Kenninghall Road, had a 35 foot high, four storey tarred brick tower with two doors on the ground floor. The tower was 20 feet in diameter at the base and the walls were 18 inches thick. The four double shuttered sails, each with 8 bays of 3 shutters powered two pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper and were struck by rack and pinion. The domed cap was vertically boarded and formed its own petticoat, a rearward extension held a 6 bladed fan, which in the time of the Lawrence family had coloured blades.
The windshaft came from Topcroft postmill.

Thomas Lawrence & family
c.1902 with Thomas Lawrence & family outside the mill

To be Let
A TOWER WIND-MILL most desirably situated at East Harling in Norfolk & exceedingly well winded, in which are two pair of stones, flour mill & going gears complete, with five acres of Land adjoining & suitable buildings thereon.
Apply personally (or by letter if post paid) to Mr. John Burlingham, Old Buckenham, Norfolk.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st October 1825

To Millers & others
Mr. G. W. Salter ...
To Sell by Auction on Tuesday 8 August 1843 at the Swan Inn, East Harling at 6 o'c
All the substantially built BRICK TOWER WINDMILL, four floors, driving two pair of French stones, flour mill & jumper, with good stowage, well situated, patent sails & winds herself.
Also Dwelling house ...
Likewise about 10 acres of Arable Land with a good barn, granary & offal chamber, waggon lodge, stables, cattle shed & walled-in yards etc. erected thereon.
the above Property is all, Freehold & is situate in the parish of East Harling & adjoins the high road from Harling to Kenninghall & now in the occupation of Mr. Jary.
If required Seven hundred pounds can remain on Mortgage at 4 per cent. Possession at Michaelmas next. ...
Apply to Mr. Daniel Calver, Solr. Kenninghall, or at the Auctioneer's office, the leys, Attleborough.

Norfolk Chronicle - 29th July & 5th August 1843

Lawrence family c.1903
Lawrence family c.1903

Land Tax 1820 - 1832
1820 / 1821 / 1822
1824 / 1825
1826 / 1827 / 1828
1829 / 1830 / 1831
Thomas Burlingham
John Waters
J. Wright
George Kent
John Bream

The Burlingham family also owned more than one windmill in Old Buckenham and for many years John Burlingham ran Old Buckenham towermill.

Tithe map 1845
Tithe map 1845 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1846
Map 1845
Owner: John Burlingham
Occupier: Thomas Jary

No. 195
No. 196

Mill Piece, House & Mill
Mill Piece


4a.. 3r. 8p.
4a. 1r. 26p.
9a. .....34p.

£1.. 3.11
£.. 14. 4


Auction by Geo. W. Salter, Swan Inn, East Harling.
Tuesday 21 February 1854 at 5 o'c.
Lot 1.
Comprising a superior brick tower windmill, with patent sails driving two pairs of French stones, also a neat dwelling house with barn, stables, granary & other necessary & convenient offices, well situated near the town of Harling, abutting the high road leading therefrom to Kenninghall, together with about 10a. of good arable land adjoining the premises, in the occupation of Mr. James Lawrence ...
Possession if desired Michaelmas next.
All freehold.
Apply to J. C. Calver, Solr. Kenninghall & Long Stratton or Auctioneer, Attleborough.

Norfolk Chronicle - 11th February 1854

East Harling tower c.1910 Mill working c.1915
Mill working c.1910
Mill working c.1915

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED immediately, a respectable Young Man willing to make himself otherwise generally useful, as IMPROVER in the above Business.
Apply Mr. Laurence, Miller, Harling.

Norfolk News - 16th October 1854

c.1864 William Lawrence's son, William Alfred Lawrence took over the running of Garboldisham postmill

Steam engine c.1920
Steam engine c.1920

Mill having ceased working c.1920
Mill having ceased working c.1920

14th November 1938
14th November 1938

A sad discovery was made on Tuesday when Mr. T. C. Lawrence of the Mill was found hanging from a beam in the lower floor of the mill. This discovery was made by his son, who having missed his father, was searching the premises for him. Life was quite extinct when the body was discovered.
An inquest was held on Wednesday at the White Lion Hotel before Mr. G. C. K. Burne coroner for the Liberty of the Duke of Norfolk. Mr. W. Williams acted as foreman of the jury.
Evidence was given by the son, William Lawrence as to the finding of the body in the lower floor of the mill suspended to a beam. He was quite dead when found. This was corroborated by Wm. Mack, roadman, who assisted in cutting the rope by which the deceased was suspended. The son also stated that his Father had never been the same since his wife died about three years back. He had also been greatly worried in consequence or the serious illness of a daughter, who was not expected to recover. Pol. Const. Sampson gave evidence and the jury returned a verdict of suicide during temporary insanity. Deceased was 72 years of age ...
Eastern Daily Press - Saturday 7th September 1912

All persons having any claim or demands against the estate of Thomas Clarence Lawrence, late of East Harling in the county of Norfolk, miller, deceased, who died on the 3rd day of September 1912, are requested to send forthwith full particulars thereof to Mr. Walter W. J. Kerridge of East Harling aforesaid.
And all persons indebted to the Estate of the said Deceased are requested to pay the amount of such debts to the said Walter W. J. Kerridge in order that all proper deductions may be made upon application for the Grant of Probate of the Will of the Deceased.
Dated this 6th day of September 1912.
Fowell, Woolsey & Thorold,
Hopton (Thetford), Walsham le Willows, Diss and Norwich
Solicitors to the Executor.
Eastern Daily Press - Saturday 7th September 1912

Gravestone inscription in East Harling cemetary:
THOMAS CLARENCE LAWRENCE died 3 September 1912 Aged 72

East Harling towermill1Sept1970
1st September 1970

The mill was bought in 1913 by Christopher George Pattinson, who was already working Garboldisham_post_mill. His son Christopher Augustus ran the mill with the help of Mr. Billy Park who had been chargehand for many years with Thomas Lawrence. The windmill ceased working in 1919, but grinding was continued till 1922 in a shed some way from the mill, where stones were driven by an oil engine.
Stephen Fisher, Mill House Farm - 4th September 1981 letter to Harry Apling

Christopher George Pattinson - c.1915
Christopher George Pattinson - c.1915

Kelly's Directory of 1925 only listed Christopher Augustus Pattinson as a coal merchant at Cheese Hill

Renovations by Adrian Colman, 1974 - 1975

New windows, doors etc.
New cap. Whit epainted aluminium sheeting on domed wooden frame, with extension to rear, but smaller than before.
Old cap lifted off & new one puit up by crane (£50 each time, Mrs. Harbidge)
Cast iron windshaft from Topcroft post mill (£250, John Lawn)
Of two aquare flanges for boltiong on each sid eof the brake wheel, one is now forward of the weather beam. Although not envisaged in near future, if sails required, this would cause trouble in fitting head wheel.

Harry Apling - c.1984

April 1982
April 1982


Application No. 3/84/0668 ....... 14/18 May 1984
Mill Farm House, Quidenham Road
Mr. & Mrs. S. Fisher
Change of use of mill tower to dwelling.


Planning Committee ....... 30 July 1984
Appln. 3/84/0668
Harling Mill Farm House, Quidenham Road
Mr. & Mrs. S. Fisher
Proposed change of use of mill tower to dwelling for Mr. & Mrs. S. Fisher

Approved as recommended. .


I have an old family photo of East Harling mill that is the same as the one on your site, at the top of the page. My is sepia and very old and tatty. It was my Grandads and he said the man in the mill door way is William Park, who would be my Great, Great Grandfather. He worked at the mill.
Rebecca Allen - 27th April 2015

O. S. Map 1882-83
O. S. Map 1882-83
Courtesy of NLS map images

O. S. Map 1904
O. S. Map 1904
Courtesy of NLS map images

Pigot's 1830: John Brook, miller, White Hart st - unallocated
White's 1845: Robert Woods, millwright
White's 1854: Robert Woods, millwright

Land tax 1820 - 1822: Thomas Burlingham, owner & miller

Land tax 1823: John Waters, miller

Land tax 1824 - 1825: Thomas Burlingham, owner & miller

Land tax 1826 - 1828: J. Wright, miller

October 1825: Mill advertised to be let

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Pigot's 1830: George Kent, miller, East Harling

Land tax 1829 - 1831: George Kent, miller

Land tax 1832: John Bream, miller

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: Thomas Sager, corn miller

1836 - 1839: Thomas Sayer, miller

1843: Thomas Jary, miller

July 1843: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1845: Thomas Jary, corn miller (also at East Harling watermill)

Tithe Award 1846: Owner, John Burlingham; Occupier, Thomas Jary (also at East Harling watermill)

1850: James Lawrence, miller

White's 1854: James Lawrence, corn miller

February 1854: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1860: William & James Lawrence (brothers)

1869: James Lawrence, miller

1850: James Lawrence, miller

White's 1864: James Lawrence, corn miller

1875: James Lawrence, miller

1878: Thomas Clarence Lawrence, miller

Kelly's 1879: Thomas Lawrence, miller, Kenninghall road

White's 1883: Thomas Clarence Laurence, miller, corn merchant & farmer, Kenninghall rd

Kelly's 1892: Thomas Lawrence, miller (wind) & farmer, Kenninghall road

Kelly's 1896: Thomas Lawrence, miller (wind) & farmer, Kenninghall road

Kelly's 1900: Thomas Lawrence, miller (wind) & farmer, Kenninghall road

c.1902: Thomas Lawrence, miller, corn merchant

Kelly's 1904: Thomas Lawrence, miller (wind) & farmer, Kenninghall road

Kelly's 1908: Thomas Clarence Lawrence, miller (wind) & farmer, Kenninghall road

10th May 1908: Elizbeth Lawrence, wife of Thomas Clarence Lawrence, died

Kelly's 1912: Thomas Clarence Lawrence, miller (wind) & farmer, Kenninghall road

Tuesday 3rd September 1912: Thomas Clarence Lawrence committed suicide aged 72

1913: Mill bought by Christopher George Pattinson of Garboldisham postmill

1913: Mill run by Chrisopher Augustus Pattinson (son of C. G. Pattinson) and chargehand Billy Park

Kelly's 1916: Christopher George Pattinson, coal merchant, Cheese hill, & miller, Kenninghall road

1919: Mill ceased working but a steam
engine in a shed on the same site continued with 2 stones until 1922

Kelly's 1922: Christopher George Pattinson, coal merchant, Cheese hill, & miller (steam), Kenninghall road

Karl Wood painting 1936: Tower with cap but without sails or fantail

1970: Derelict and one ground floor doorway bricked up. Windshaft gone and cap covered with iron sheeting

1970: Mrs. Harbidge, Mill House

1974: Mill renovated by Adrian Colman of Garboldisham postmill and millwright, John Lawn

1975: Windshaft from Topcroft postmill fitted by Adrian Colman

1978: Stephen Fisher, Mill House Farm, East Harling

July 1984: Planning consent granted to change the mill to residential use

1989: Mill in use as residential property along with adjoining house

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