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Edgefield postmill stood to the west of the village, alongside the mill house on a hill and area known as The Mount. The postmill was built as a replacement to the earlier smockmill c.1804. After the postmill was destroyed by fire in 1815, a new postmill was then erected c.1829.

Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Policy No. 208863:
9 July, 1804: Benjamin Elsden of Edgefield in the Co. of Norfolk. On a Post Corn Wind Millhouse including the standing and going geers, millstones, wire machines and dressing mills therein timber built situate in Edgefield aforesaid £200. On a house brick and tiled near £100. Warranted no steam engine in, adjoining, or communicating with the said Windmill.

To be Sold
A Very good Dwelling House and convenient buildings, with a capital WIND-MILL and the going geers and appurtenances thereto belonging at Edgefield in Norfolk in the occupation of Mr. John Gage. All the above premises have lately been erected & improved at a considerable expence and possession thereof may be had at Michaelmas or sooner if requested by a purchaser.
Apply to Mr. William Forster, Attorney, at North Walsham in the said County.

Norfolk Chronicle - 7th July 1804

On the 16th instant Mr. John Juby, miller of Edgefield, to Miss Curties, eldest daughter of Mr. Curties an eminent farmer at Hunworth, both of the same county.

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th February 1809

To be Sold
With immediate possession
All that CORN WIND MILL with the Messuage & Outbuildings & about 1a. 2r. 0p. of Land situate at Edgefield in Norfolk, now in the occupation of John Juby.
The land & buildings are held under a lease for a term of which fifty years were unexpired at Lady day last under the yearly rent af 30 shillings.
Apply to Mr. Richard Gay, Guestwick or to Messrs. Withers, Solrs. Holt.

Norfolk Chronicle - 8th, 15th & 29th May & 5th June 1813

In consequence of the Destruction of this Mill by Fire, the miller, Johnson (who lately established himself therein by his own industry) has sustained a loss of upwards of £170, the entire loss of which sum must inevitably preclude him from providing for the support of himself and his family, the aid therefore of a too-often tried & well known generous Public is solicited on the behalf of the Sufferer, whose case may be relied upon as being worthy of attention.
Subscriptions received by the Rev. Mr. Francis, Edgefield Parsonage & by Mr. H. Francis, Norfolk Registry, Surry Street, Norwich.
List of Subscribers ...
Total to 4 November £37. 14s. 6d.

Norfolk Chronicle - 28th October & 4th November 1815

c.1804: Mill built

1804: Benjamin Elsden, (possible owner)

9th July 1804: Mill insured for £200

1804: John Gage, miller

July 1804: Mill advertised for sale

1809: John Juby, miller

1813: John Juby, miller - leasing mill at an annual rent of 30 shillings

May 1813: Mill advvertised for sale

1815: ? Johnson, miller

Autumn 1815: Mill destroyed by fire

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