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Edgefield smockmill stood to the west of the village, alongside the mill house on a hill and area known as The Mount. The smockmill was replaced by a postmill c.1804.

The view from Edgefield windmill & Melton BELLE_VIEW is incomparably picturesque & extensive.
Armstrong - 1781

To be Sold and Estate at Edgefield, near Holt, in the County of Norfolk, consisting of a good Dwelling House, Barn, Stables, and other Out-houses, a good Malting Office, Mill House, and other Offices convenient for the Malting Trade, and Orchard and Garden, well planted with Fruit Trees, with fifty-five Acres of good Arable and Meadow Land, upon which hath been lately planted some Quantity of young Timber. Between thirty and forty Acres of Land is Copyhold, and the rest Freehold, now in the Occupation of Mr John Dagless.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr John Davy, AT Holt, or of the said John Dagless.
Note. -- Mr Dagless having declined the Malting Business, all Persons indebted to him are requested to pay him their respective Debts within one Month from the Date hereof, or they will be put into the hands of an Attorney. -- Nov 1st, 1781.\

Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd November 1781

Edgefield, Norfolk, December 3, 1782

To be Sold by Auction
By Edward Bliss, Auctioneer
On Saturday 22nd Day of December Instant at the Feathers in Holt, precisely at 3 o'c in the Afternoon of the same Day, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will then & there be produced, unless before disposed of by private Contract of which Notice will be given in this Paper.

All that One Acre & Two Roods of LEASEHOLD LAND, Inclosed, situate in Edgefield aforesaid, with a Tower Windmill or Grist Mill, a Messuage or Tenement, Shop, Stable, Cow house, & Straw house thereupon built, as the sameare now in the Use or Occupation of Mr. John Daglass, the Proprietor, who will shew the Premisses.
For Price & further Particulars please apply to Thomas Mendham, Briston, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th December 1782

The Creditors of John Ellis of Edgefield, Miller, are requested to meet at the Feathers Inn in Holt, on Saturday 19th instant at 2 o'c to settle accounts & receive dividend arising from the Effects of the said John Ellis ...
Norfolk Chronicle - 12th July 1800

O. S. Map 1885
O. S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

1781: Windmill

November 1781: Mill House and buildings etc advertised for sale

1782: John Daglass, miller

December 1782: Mill advertised for sale by auction or private treaty

Faden's map 1797: Edgefield Mill

1800: John Ellis, miller - bankrupt

c.1804: Mill replaced by a postmill

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