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North Denes Market Mill post mill No. 4A stood between Wellesley Road and Nelson Road from which it was accessed. The mill buck was set on a roundhouse. In 1803 the mill was using 2 pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper but by 1854 only one pair of stones were in use. In its latter years the mill was powered by double shuttered patent sails.

To be LETT and Enter'd upon immediately
A WIND-MILL standing on the Danes of Yarmouth, called the Market Mill, well found with all Materials and in good Repair.
Enquire of the said Mrs. Ann Dobson, Widow or of Mr. Ramey of Yarmouth.

Norwich Mercury - 24th & 31st December 1757 & 7th January 1758

To be LETT and Enter'd upon immediately
THE WIND-MILL standing on the DENE of YARMOUTH known by the Name of the Market Mill, late in the occupation of Robert Sawyer.
N.B. The Estate for Life of Mrs. Anne Dobson, Widow, in the same Mill may be Sold.
Enquire of the said Mrs. Dobson or of John Ramey, Esq. of Yarmouth.

Norwich Mercury - 10th, 17th & 24th July 1762

To be SOLD by AUCTION in Lots
On Wednesday 24th November Inst. at 3 o'c in the Afternoon at Mr. John Eldridge's, the Sign of the White Horse in Great Yarmouth THE WINDMILL called the Market Mill with the Appurtenances, standing on Yarmouth Denes, the best situation of any Mill in the Town, now in the occupation of Richard Allen.
Enquire of Mr. Peter Kirkman or Mr. Thomas Clowes, Attorney.

Norfolk Chronicle - 13th & 20th November 1773

... 1769 Thos. Cooke given leave ... (to lay circle of rails and posts around mill for which an additional charge of 6d per annum was made by the Town)
... The site was probably built over shortly after 1850.


To Millers
To be Sold by Auction By Mr. Seaman On Wednesday 16 February 1803 at 4 o'c at the Cranes Tavern on the Quay, Great Yarmouth.

The Capital Freehold WINDMILL, Stable, Granary and Outhouses situate near the centre of Yarmouth Denes and lately occupied by Mr. John Barber.
The MILL contains two pair of excellent French stones and every requisite appurtenance for carrying on the trade of a Miller in its most extensive branches. The purchaser may have immediate possession.
Apply to Mr. Worship, Attorney at Law, Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle - 29th January & 5th February 1803

South Midds Ward
1st Quarter from Easter 1810, 3 months at 1s. 2d. in the
£ per month. Made 3 July 1810
Tenant: Hammond, Thomas

Dwelling house
Mill (No. 5)
do (No. 4A)
Stock (£75)

3. 15s.
£44. 15s.
Poor rate £7. 16. 7½
N.B. Thomas Hammond was a Freeholder of Market Hill

North Wards & Midds.
3rd Rate from Lady 1820 at 1s. 8d. per month
Made 19 October 1820
Tenant: Hammond, Thomas
in pencil " Now ROBERTSON")

Stock £50 (@ 5%)

£2. 10s.
£20. 10s.
Rate (@ 5s. in the pound) £5. 2. 6

POOR RATE 1824/25
South Ward
4th Rate from Lady 1824
Made 14 January1825 at 3s. in the Pound
Occupier: Hammond, Thomas

Mill (No. 5A)
do (No. 4A)
Dwelling House
Mill House
Fish House
Flour Shop
Stock (£50 @ 5%)

£ 6
£ 6
£ 5
£ 2
£2. 10s.
£51. 10s.
Rate - 3 months at 1s. per month £7. 14. 6

South Ward
1st Quarter. 3 months at 1s. 2d. per month
Made 11 May 1830
Occupier: Hammond, Thomas

Mill (No. 5A)
do (No. 4A)
Dwelling house
Fish house
Flour shop

2. 10s.
£45. 10s.

3 months Poor Rate £7. 19. 3

WOOLLSEY & SECKER's Bankruptcy
Notice is hereby given to all persons who are indebted to the Estate of the said Bankrupts to pay the amount of their respective Debts with onr month from the date hereof to Mr. Thomas HAMMOND the younger of Great Yarmouth, Miller, on of the Asigneees, otherwise legal means will be taken to enforce the payment thereof.
Dated this 4th day of August 1831.
Norfolk Chronicle - 6th August 1831

Market Ward
3rd Quarter (Michaelmas - Christmas)
No. 73
Occupier: Baverly, Samuel
Owner: Hammond (Thomas)

House, mill & office
Estimated Rental
Rateable Value


Rate at 1s. 4d. in the Pound £1. 12s.

To be Sold by Auction by PETTINGILL at the Star Inn, Quay, Great Yarmouth on Thursday 3 September 1846 at 7 o'c
The following Desirable Freehold MILL and other Properties in Great Yarmouth.
Lot 1.
A well situated FREEHOLD POST WINDMILL known as the "Market Mill" together with a Dwelling house, Warehouse, Cart lodge, and Stable situate on the Denes and now in the occupation of Mr. Pilch, whose tenancy will expire at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Messrs. F. & W. Worship, Solrs. Great Yarmouth or the Auctioneer.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 22nd & 29th August 1846

Market Ward

Made 28 June 1850
No. 478
Occupier: Tooley, Robert
Owner: Himself

Mill, Cottage & Stable
Gross Estimated Rental


Rate at 1s. 2d. in the Pound £1. 1s.

Post Mill for removal
To be sold by Auction by PETTINGILL at Dukes Head Inn, Great Yarmouth, Wednesday 5 April 1854 at 3 o'c.
The post windmill and roundhouse with one pair of stones, flour mill and jumper as now standing on the Denes opposite the Marked Gates and known as Market Mill, to be removed from the present site at the purchaser's expense.
Apply to the Auctioneer, Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st April 1854

... Post Mill formerly standing north of Princes Road, east of Nelson Road North.

H, B. Johnson, Mercury
Also a sketch of the mill showing sails without shutters

Harry Apling suspected the the mill buck was taken to Cobholm in 1854.

Street map drawn by Harry Apling
Street map drawn by Harry Apling
Left of the map faces north

Denes map
Mill site marked 4 to the right of the map

Freeholders according to Rye:
Thomas Cooke - 1769
W. Cooke
Samuel Mason - 1783
William Barber
T. Slipper
T. Hammond
R. Tooley

1757: Mrs. Ann Dobson (widow) miller

December 1757: Mill advertised to be let

1758: Mrs. Ann Dobson (widow) miller - also Quay postmill

1762: Robert Sawyer, miller

July 1762: Mill advertised to be let

1769: Thomas Cooke, miller

1769: Thomas Cooke laid a circle of rails and posts to enclose a fantail at a rent of 6d. p.a. to the Town

1773: Richard Allen, miller

November 1773: Mill; advertised for sale by auction

Bowles map 1775: Windmill

1783: Samuel Mason, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Poll Book 1802: Thomas Hammond, Miller

1803: John Barber, miller

January 1803: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Poll Book 1806: Thomas Hammond, Miller

Poll Book 1806: Richard Allen, miller

Poor Rate 1810: Thomas Hammond, freeholder miller (also at No. 5)

Poll Book 1817: Thomas Hammond, Miller (also at No. 5)

Poor Rate 1820: Thomas Hammond, freeholder miller (also at No. 5)

October 1820: Robert Robertson, miller (also at No. 5)

1822: Robert Robertson, miller (also at No. 5)

Poor Rate 1824: Thomas Hammond, freeholder miller (also at No. 5a)

Poor Rate 1825: Thomas Hammond, freeholder miller (also at No. 5a)

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Poor Rate 1830: Thomas Hammond, freeholder miller (also at No. 5a)

Pigot's 1830:
Thomas Hammond, miller, Denes & North entrance

Cary's map 1832: Windmill

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

O.S. map 1837: Windmill

Poor Rate 1845: Owner: Thomas Hammond; Occupier: Samuel Baverly, miller

1846: Anthony Pilch, miller

August 1846: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Poor Rate 1850: Robert Tooley, freeholder miller

April 1854: Mill advertised for sale by auction, with the purchaser being required to dismantle and remove

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