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J. Corbridge's West Prospect of Yarmouth - c.1740
J. Corbridge's West Prospect of Yarmouth - c.1740

Gt Yarmouth Quay mill was an open trestle postmill that stood on a large mound on the east bank of the River Yare.

One of the first erections on the North Quay was a post windmill, which in 1579 one Christopher Short was allowed to build on 'a plot of ground' there.
The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, Charles John Palmer - 1872

To be SOLD
THE WIND-MILL known by the Name of Quay Mill in Great Yarmouth together with all the Materials.
Enquire of Mrs. Ann Dobson or of Mr. Ramey of Yarmouth.

Norwich Mercury - 27th May, 3rd & 10th June 1758

On Saturday 15th Inst. at the Angel in Yarmouth
A Good and well accustomed WINDMILL situated on the Key in Yarmouth and commonly known by the Name of the Key Mill. The Whole is in very good Repair and may be viewed any Time before the Sale.
Norwich Mercury - 8th December 1764

To be SOLD
To the best Bidder at Vincent's Tavern in Great Yarmouth
On Wednesday the 9th Day of February Inst. by Order of the Assignees under a Commission of Bankrupt lately awarded against Mr. Christopher Eaton.
All the real ESTATE of the said Mr. Eaton situate in Yarmouth, viz.
Lot IV. A Corn Windmill in good repair situate on the Key and commonly called the KEY Mill.
Further Particulars may be had of Mr. William Palgrave, jun. one of the Assignees or of Mr. Spurgeon in Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th February 1774

Creditors of Christopher Eaton of Great Yarmouth, a Bankrupt . . . to meet on Monday 25th this Instant April . . .
Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd April 1774

To be Let
PREMISES near the Quay Mill . . . Dwelling house . . . for a CURRIER & LEATHER SELLER . . .
Norfolk Chronicle - 10th October 1795

ROW No. 34 from North Quay to George Street, called Quay Mill Row, because a post windmill, named the \Quay Mill formerly stood opposite to it upon the ground adjoining the river.
This mill, which is depicted in Corbridge's map, with the mill house, granaries and other outbuildings belonging to it remained standing until 1799, when the property was conveyed by Robert Pettit and others to William Palgrave, Esq., who sold it to Mr. Howes, by whom the mill was taken down and a dwelling house erected, which in 1810 was purchased by the late Edmund Preston, Esq., who greatly enlarged the house, which he called MILMOUNT and laid out the grounds as a garden extending to the river.
MILMOUNT HOUSE now occupied by Samuel Nightingale Esq., . . . was purchased by Sir Edmund Lacon & Sons, who erected a large brewery store upon the site of the garden capable of holding about 3000 barrels.
Adjoining the millyard there was in the 18th century, a large timber and shipbuilders yard belongi
ng to Thomas Horsley.
The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, Charles John Palmer - 1872

1619 map
Plan of Yarmouth about 1619.
From a drawing in the British Museum, shows:-
"Key Mill" against a mound
The Rise of Yarmouth, A. W. & J. L. Ecclestone - 1959

Map of Yarmouth 1668 shows 4 mills on the Denes and Quay Mill
Notes on the map:
The picture-map chosen to illustrate the medieval layout of Yarmouth is that published by Sir Robert Paston in 1668 to promote an ambitious but abortive scheme to develop his marshes at Little Yarmouth or Southtown on the opposite bank of the River Yare. It shares with Sir Bernard de Gomme's manuscript map of 1668 the distinction of being the earliest reasonably accurate survey of the town . . .
The map is reproduced from an original in the Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society Library . . .
King's Lynn & Great Yarmouth, Two Thirteenth Century Surveys - Elizabeth & Paul Rutledge
Norfolk Archaeology Vol XXXVII - 1980

"View of Yarmouth as it appeared in 1775"
A tall smock mill north of bridge (later North Quay)
A post mill on the Denes

F. Blomfield, History of Norfolk

Faden's Map - 1797
Faden's Map - 1797

Closeup from Faden's Map - 1797
Closeup from Faden's Map - 1797

1579: Mill built by Christopher Short, miller

Yorke's map 1588: Windmill

Sir Robert Paston's map 1668: Windmill

J. Corbridge's map of West Prospect of the Town of Great Yarmouth c.1740: Postmill on a mound

Buck's Southwest Prospect of Yarmouth 1741: Quay Mill and 4 other post mills on the Denes

1758: Mrs. Ann Dobson (widow), miller - also North Denes Market Hill postmill

May 1758: Mill advertised for sale

December 1764: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1774: Christopher Eaton, miller, bankrupt

February 1774: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Bowles' map 1775: Windmill

Blomfield's History of Norfolk map 1775: Windmill

Plan of Yarmouth, M. J. Armstrong's June 1779 copy of Harry Swindon's (d.1772) plan: Quay Mill

Hodskinson's (Faden) map 1783: Windmill

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1799: Mill sold by Robert Pettit & others to William Palgrave, who in turn sold it to Edmund Preston

1799: Mill dismantled on behalf of Edmund Preston

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