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North Denes North tower mill No. 2A was built in 1841 in what later became Nelson Road, to replace smockmill_No.2. The mill used patent sails on a cast iron windshaft to power two pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill.

1841 grinding capacity:
3 lasts of corn per week
3 lasts = 60 sacks (coombs)
Stones - 2 pairs French burr
Thus each pair of stones produced 30 coombs per week

To Millers and Capitalists
To be SOLD by Private Contract
A Capital new Brick TOWER WINDMILL with a Dwelling House and convenient Outbuildings attached situate on the North Denes of GREAT YARMOUTH and now in the occupation of Mr. Mayers.
The above Mill has Patent Sails and Iron Wind Shaft, drives two pair of French Stones, is capable of manufacturing about three lasts of corn per week and is now in full Trade.
Possession may be had at Lady day next or before if desired and part of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage.
Apply to Messrs. RANNEY & WATERS, Solrs. Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th October 1841

North Ward

4th Quarter (Christmas 1845 - Ladyday 1846)
No. 439
Occupier: Skinner, W. B.
Owner: Himself
Mill, cottage & stable
Estimated rental
Rateable Value

Rate at 1s. 4d. in the Pound £2. 2. 8d.

North Ward

Made 28 June 1850
No. 410
Occupier: SKINNER, W. B.
Owner: Himself
House, Mill, Granary & Stable
North Denes
Gross Estimated Rental
Rateable Value



Rate at 1s. 2d. in the Pound £2. 9s.

St. Nicholas Ward

3rd Quarter Made 2 November 1860 at 1s. 2d.
No. 149
Occupier: SKINNER, W. B.
Owner: Himself
House, Garden, Granary Mill, Stable & Land.
Nelson Rd.
Gross Estimated Rental
Rateable Value



Rate at 1s. 2d. in the pound £3. 5s. 4
No. 150
Occupier: SKINNER, W. B.
Owner: Himself

Gross Estimated Rental
Rateable Value

£2. 10s.
Rate at 1s. 2d. in the pound £- 2s. 11d.

Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd February 1867
Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd February 1867
Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd February 1867

On the west side of Nelson Road at its commencement is the Cemetery already mentioned. On the east-side opposite the Cemetery stood "Ransome's Mill" which burnt down in 1852.
Further south on the same side is "Skinner's Mill" ... In 1867 a man employed in this mill got entangled with the machinery and was crushed to death.
The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, Charles John Palmer - 1875

To Millers & Others
WOOLVERTON & DEORGE will Sell by Auction (where now standing), North Nelson Road, Great Yarmouth on Wednesday June 11, 1879 at 12 o'c precisely, in One Lot, all the MACHINERY, and Going Gear of the MILL lately occupied by Mr. SKINNER (and recently purchased by the Great Yarmouth & Stalham Railway Co. who required the land) comprising Cap with four Sails in good condition on Iron Shaft and Bearings complete, two pairs of Stones (one nearly new), Hoisting Gear with Cog Wheel, Flour Mill, Hopper etc.
The above Machinery and Gear will be sold to be removed at the Purchaser's expense within 21 days from the day of sale.
The Brickwork of the Mill will not be sold.
Further particulars of the Auctioneers, Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle - 31st May & 7th June 1879

It is possible that the mill's brickwork was purchased by the Great Yarmouth & Stalham Railway Co. in order to assist with their building work.

At the other or east end of the system was another railway called the Great Yarmouth & Stalham Light Railway, which had received its Act on 27 June 1876. The Act authorised the line to commence at the centre of windmill known as Skinner's Mill on the east side of Nelson Road and to continue for a little over 16¾ miles to the west end of Stalham.
Scenes from the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway, Ronald H. Clark - 1978

... east of Tottenham St. was Mayer's (later W. B. Skinner's) mill.
Local Wind-Mills, Mercury, H. B. Johnson -January 1928

Street map
Street map drawn by Harry Apling
Left of the map faces north

1841: Mill built to replace smockmill No. 2

1841: J. F. Ranney, leaseholder

1841: Samuel Mayers, miller

October 1841: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

Joshua Manning's map 1842: Mare's Mill

1842: Samuel Mayers, miller

Poor Rate 1845: William Barlow Skinner, owner & occupier

Poor Rate 1850: William Barlow Skinner, owner & occupier

1853: William Barlow Skinner, miller

1854: William Barlow Skinner, miller

Laing's map 1855: Windmill

1856: William Barlow Skinner, miller

1858: William Barlow Skinner, miller

Poor Rate 1860: William Barlow Skinner, owner & occupier

1863: William Barlow Skinner, miller

1864: William Barlow Skinner, miller

1865: William Barlow Skinner, miller

January 1867: An employee, William Tungate, became entangled in the machinery and died

1868: William Barlow Skinner, miller

1875: William Barlow Skinner, miller

1878: William Barlow Skinner, miller

1879: William Barlow Skinner, miller

May 1879: Mill machinery advertised for sale by auction

1879: Site taken over by Yarmouth & North Norfolk Railway Co. and the mill demolished

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