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North Denes smock mill No. 2 was built for Samuel Howes in 1807 by Yarmouth Corporation and replaced by the North_towermill_No._2A in 1841. The mill ran two pairs of French burr stones, a boulting flour mill and jumper.

North Wards
1st Quarter from Easter 1810, 3 months at 1s. 2d. in the £ per month. Made 3 July 1810.
Tenant: Howes, Samuel

3 months

Dwelling house & Mill
Poor Rate

£1. 1s.



To be Sold by Auction By WM. SEAMAN At the Half Moon in the Market Place, Yarmouth On Saturday 5 June next at 3 o'c (Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract)
All that SMOCK WIND MILL with two pair of stones and a flour mill, going gears and appurtenances, now in the occupation of Samuel Ecclestone, situate on Yarmouth Denes.
The premises are leasehold of the Corporation at the yearly rent of three guineas.
Apply to Mr. Cory, jun. Solr.

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th & 22nd May 1813

North Wards & Midds.

3rd Rate from Lady 1820
at 1s. 8d. per month
Made 19 October 1820
Tenant: LARTER, John
Stock £25 (5%)
£1. 5s.
£13. 5s.
(@5s in the pound)

£3. 6. 3

POOR RATE 1824/25
North Ward

4th Rate from Lady 1824
at 3s. in the Pound
Made 14 January 1825
Occupier: HOOD, John
Stock (£25 @ 5%)
£1. 5s.
£9. 5s.
3 months at 1s. per month

£1. 7. 9

Notice re
John Hood & Samuel Beverley of Great Yarmouth
Millers, Flour Dealers and Co-partners
Deed of Assignment dated 16 June last.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th September 1825

North Wards & Midds.

1st Quarter, 3 months
at 1s. 2d. per month
Made 11 May 1830
Occupier: HOOD, John
£1. 5s.
£9. 5s. .
3 months Poor Rate

£1. 12. 4½

To Capitalists, Millers and others
By Mr. Thurtell at the Commercial House on the Quay, Great Yarmouth
On Saturday October 6, 1832 at 3 0'c
By Order of the Proprietor
All that SMOCK WINDMILL in the occupation of Mr. BENJAMIN BATLEY, with two pair of French Stones, Jumper and Flour Mill, new built Cottage, Piggeries and other conveniences.
The above Property is situate on Yarmouth Denes near the Silk Factory, is in good repair and Leasehold of the Corporation of Great Yarmouth for a term of years of which 18 are unexpired.
Apply to J. F. Ranney, Esq. Solr. or the Auctioneer, Regent Street, Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 29th September 1832

Insolvent Debtor
John HOOD late of Great Yarmouth, Miller

Norfolk Chronicle - 27th October 1832

North Ward

3rd Rate from Lady Day 1835
at 1s. 2d. per month
Made 10 November 1835
Occupiers: MAYERS, John & Samuel
Mill, North Denes
Dwelling House, Row 54
Stock (£25 @ 5%)
£1. 5s.
£15. 5s.
(@3s. 6d. in the pound)

£2. 13. 4½

My ancestor John Larter operated the mill from 1820 until about 1822.  His father-in-law William Hewitt, farmer of Stalham was the leaseholder at the time.  In William Hewitt's 1820 will, he wrote that his son-in-law who lately started occupying his leasehold mill in Great Yarmouth was John Larter.  He went on to say that he was leaving the proceeds of the mill to his daughter Susanna Larter to have separate from her husband due to his debts.  I think the wording implies that John Larter would get the proceeds if Susanna died before him. Susanna died in 1822. I don't
know when he purchased the leasehold but he did state in his will that he purchased the leasehold for Four Hundred and Thirty pounds at the instigation of his son-in-law John Larter. Norfolk Mills website was how I found out that John Larter went from operating the Halvergate_Post_Mill in 1819 to operating the smock mill on the Denes in Yarmouth. 
Kristie Cornett - 20th March 2015

John Larter died in 1825 but he had a son named John. From what I can tell from William Hewitt's will he left the leasehold to the mill in a trust for Susanna Larter, his daughter, to be separate from her husband but it was to go to her survivors.  So, after she died in 1822 it went to her husband, then after he died in 1825 it went to her son John.  I noticed that he was only the leaseholder and not the miller after 1822 which coincides with his wife's death.
Kristie Cornett - 20th March 2015

Denes map
Mill site marked 2 to the right of the map

1807: Mill built for Samuel Howes on a site leased fro the town

1807: Samuel Howes, leaseholder & miller

Poor Rate 1810: Samuel Howes, leaseholder & miller

c.1811: ? Hewitt, leaseholder

1812: Samuel Ecclestone, leaseholder & miller with £3. 3s. ground rent

December 1812: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

1813: Samuel Ecclestone, leaseholder & miller with £3. 3s. ground rent payable to Yarmouth Corporation

May 1813: Mill advertised for sale by auction or private contract

1820: William Hewitt, leaseholder

Poor Rate 1820: John Larter, tenant miller

1822: William Hewitt, leaseholder; John Larter, miller (son in law|)

Poor Rate 1824: John Hood, tenant miller

1825: John Larter, leaseholder; John Hood & Samuel Beverley, tenant millers provide Deed of Assignment

1825: John Larter died

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Poor Rate 1830: John Hood, tenant miller

Pigot's 1830:
John Hood, miller, Denes

Cary's map 1832: Windmill

1832: John Larter, leaseholder; John Hood, miller

1832: John Hood, insolvent debtor

1832: Benjamin Batley, miller with 18 years unexpired lease (near the silk factory)

September 1832: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1832-1841: William Hood, T. Hood & J. F. Ranney were individual leaseholders at unspecified times

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

Poor Rate 1835: John & Samuel Mayers, tenant millers

O,S. map 1837: Windmill

1841: Mill demolished and replaced by North_towermill_No._2A

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