Gt. Yarmouth North Denes
North Middle postmill
No. 4


Drainage Mills (Windpumps)
Steam Mills

North Denes post mill No. 4 was one of the earlier mills on the Denes and was an open trestle mill.

In the reign of Queen Elizabeth, as we see by the drawing in the British Museum, the erections beyond the walls consisted only of four windmills constructed of wood standing on piles . .
All the roads and paths leading from the town to the sea shore were made for the purpose of going to and from these mills and the three public wells which were about midway and from which the inhabitants of the north, middle and south parts of the town obtained a supply of water.
The mills were very conspicuous objects when there were but few houses on the Denes and rendered the town remarkable when viewed from the sea. The site of the north mill appears to have been granted at an early period to John Cannon by the Corporation. The latter also sold to John Harding, who was baliff in 1574, a piece of land whereon a mill was built, reserving a rent of 5/- and in 1583 they sold the "second south mill" then called the new mill to Robert Dell.

Charles John Palmer - The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth - 1875

1574: John Cannon sold mill to John Harding

Yorke's map 1588: Windmill

Mill replaced by Market Hill postmill 4a

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