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South Denes postmill was only one of the windmills mills on the Denes and although it was destroyed by fire in 1783, it was probably rebuilt. The mill in the fire had two pairs of sails that ran two stones and a boulting mill. A 5ft diameter pair of stones were in the head of the mill and a 4ft 6 ins pair in the tail of the mill.

by Order of the Assignees of Samuel Mason, a Bankrupt, by WILLIAM SEAMAN, At the Angel Inn in Great Yarmouth, on the 3d Day of July next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, the following Estates,

Lot I. A DWELLING HOUSE, situate on YARMOUTH DENES, late in the Occupation of Samuel Mason, consisting of two Parlours, a Compting-house, five Chambers, and a Kitchen; with a Hot-house, Green-house, and Garden adjoining, well stocked with Fruit Trees and Plants; a large Yard and a Bleeching Ground, with convenient Offices attached and detached; also a Horse Mill adjoining to the Dwelling-house, with a 20 Feet Wheel; three Floors and two full-sized Boulting Mills; a Stable for four Horses, and Hay loft over the same, and several convenient Out-houses. -- These Premises are held by Lease from the Corporation of Great Yarmouth for 40 Years; 23 of which will be unexpired at Michaelmas next, subject to Rent of 4 pounds 10 shillings per annum.

Lot. II. A Freehold POST WINDMILL, situate on Yarmouth Denes, late in the Occupation of the said Samuel Mason, consisting of a Brick round House and four Floors, with two Pair of Stones; the Head Stones five Feet, the Tail Stones four feet six Inches; with one Boulting Mill, two Suits of Sails, and going Geers complete.

Lot III. A large Freehold GRANARY, in the Post-office Row in Great Yarmouth, late in the Occupation of Samuel Mason.

Lot IV. A Freehold TENEMENT, in a Row adjoining to the Wrestlers Plain in Great Yarmouth, in the Occupation of James Burton, lett at the yearly Rent of 4 pounds. -- All the above Premises are in exceeding good Repair.

For further Particulars apply to Mr Richard Bush, Merchant, London, MrJohn Palmer, Merchant, in Great Yarmouth, the Assignees; of Mess. Pitches and Luard, Sollicitors, S--hin's
[partially obscured word] Lane, London; or Mr James Sayers, and Mr William Steward, Attornies, Great Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th June 1783

Friday one of the wind-mills on Yarmouth Danes was burnt to the ground. The damage is computed to be about 700 pounds.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th November 1783

WILL dated 18 April 1801
Proved at Yarmouth 2 July 1801
Executrix:- wife MARY
Thomas BROODBANK of Great Yarmouth, Miller . . .
To Mary (wife)
All that my Windmill with the Ground whereon the same stands lying and being on the Denes in Great Yarmouth in my own occupation and also all the Edifices, Buildings, going gear, millstones, sails, materials, utensils, furniture and appurtenances thereto belonging, and also Tenaments or Warehouses in the Market Place of Great Yarmouth near the Workhouse now in the occupation of Mary Parr . . .

1783: Samuel Mason, miller

1783: Samuel Mason, bankrupt

June 1783: Mill advertised for sale

14th November 1783: Mill destroyed by fire

1801: Thomas Broodbank, miller (also 6c)

1801: Thomas Broodbank, died

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