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Hindringham had a post mill that stood at The Knoll, which was behind what became the Sunshine Bakery and it was often referred to as Clarke's Mill. The mill was apparently still working in 1891 along with the two towermills in the village - Lower_Green and Upper. The mill buck was set on a large roundhouse and was turned to wind via a fantail. Two pairs of patent sails powered 2 pairs of stones.

Tithe map 1839
Tithe map 1839 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1839
Map W. G. Bircham, Surveyor, Fakenham
Owner: Benjamin Brett
Occupier: John Clarke

No. 203

Dwelling House,
Mill & Pightle

1a. 2s. Vicar
8s. Imprs.
(Dean & Chapter of Norwich)

Census 1841

Benjamin Daulton, miller (employee)
Sarah Lee    
Joseph Lee (15) Boot Clicker   
John Lee (13)
Rebecca Lee (11) Scholar
William Lee (6) Scholar   
Mary Lee (3) Scholar
Address: The Knoll, Hinderingham
Census 1851

Benjamin Dalton (61)
Sarah Dalton (51)
Henrietta Dalton (14)
Dianna Dalton (12)
Elizabeth Dalton (10)
Robert Dalton (7)
Maryanna Lee (23)
John Lee (20)
Rebecca Lee (19)
William Lee (17)          
Rebecca Lee (11)
Mary Lee (3)
Joseph Lee (16)
Hannah Thurn (46)
Address: 39 Lower Green, Hindringham

Sarah Lee married Benjamin Dalton and they went on to have 4 children and they all lived together with Sarah's 4 children from her previous marrige to William Lee . After Benjamin died, Sarah went on to marry Ralph Dawson.

To Millers & Bakers
TO BE LET with immediate possession, a capital WINDMILL, BAKE OFFICE, LAND, OUTBUILDINGS etc., situate at Hindringham, in Norfolk.
Apply to Mr. Clarke, Hindringham.

Norfolk News - 23rd March 1867

Four miles from Walsingham & Seven from Fakenham.
Mr. John Long has received instructions to offer for Sale by Public Auction on Wednesday 6 August 1879 at the Black Lion Hotel, Walsingham at 3 for 4 o'c in one Lot.
All that DWELLING HOUSE with BAKING OFFICE, POST WINDMILL with large & substantial Roundhouse, Stables, Cart Lodges, Barn, Piggeries & Outbuildings. The Mill drives two pairs of Stones, has Patent Sails & self acting Wind Tackle & is fitted with all requisite Machinery & in excellent repair.
Together with three Brick built & Tiled COTTAGES & excellent Gardens. And an inclosure of excellent Arable LAND
containing with the sites of the Buildings 1a. 1r. 24p. All Freehold.
The Property is now in the occupation of Mrs. Eliza Balls, James Sadler, William Allen & William Eke.
Particulars of the Auctioneer, Dunton, Fakenham or of

Mr. James Saunders,
The Vendors Solicitor,
East Dereham & Foulsham
Norfolk Chronicle & Lynn Advertiser - 26th July & 2nd August 1879

At The Knoll site, there is a circular garden feature next to a modern house, which appears to be the footings of the post mill.
Sue Burden - 5th May 2018

O. S. Map 1885

O. S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

Unallocated miller:
White's 1883: Felix Samuel Frankling, miller & baker

White's 1836: John Clark, miller & baker

O.S. Map 1838: Windmill

Tithe Award 1839: Owner: Benjamin Brett; Occupier: John Clarke

Census 1841: Benjamin Daulton, mill employee

White's 1845: John Clarke, miller & baker

Census 1851:

John Clarke (47) b.Gunthorpe, master miller employing 1 man
Mary Clarke (52) b.Langham
Susan Clarke (23) b.Langham, at home
Elizabeth Clarke (19) b.Hindringham, at home
Charlotte Clarke (16) b.Hindringham, at home
Harriett Clarke (12) b.Hindringham, scholar
Fredrick Clarke (10) b.Hindringham, scholar
John Hines (17) b.Thursford, apprentice miller & baker
Address: Church Lane

White's 1854: John Clarke, miller & baker

1858: John Clarke, miller

1860: John Clarke died

1863: Frederick Clarke, miller

White's 1864: Frederick Clark, miller, baker & shopkeeper

1865: Mrs. Frederick Clarke, miller

March 1867: Mill advertised to be let

1878: Thomas Balls, miller & grocer

July 1879: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1883: Edward James Balls, miller, baker & shopkeeper

O.S. Map 1891: Windmill (Corn)

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