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Hingham postmill at Banham in 1932
Hingham postmill at Banham in 1932

Hingham Deopham Road postmill had been in the Lane family since at least 1771 and c.1840 John Lane decided to sell it and erect a new towermill at the same location near the south west corner of the pond at Hingham watermill. An etching by Norwich School artist John Chrome from before 1813, suggested that the mill was of an open trestle design.

The postmill was bought by millwright, Robert Gilbert, who quite possibly was responsible for building the new towermill for the Lane family. He took the postmill to Banham and erected it on the base of an old towermill, where it became known as Banham composite mill.

Marriage 30th October 1838:

Lewis Langley Clerk (25)  bach. Miller, Hingham, son of Samuel Clerk, Farmer 
Apollonia Deeks (25)  spin. Hingham dau. of George Deeks, Butcher

To be SOLD
And entered upon on the 10th Day of October next
An exceeding gpood WIND MILL at Hingham in the county of Norfolk, well situated for Business, with a convenient Dwelling House, Stable & other outhouses thereto belongoing, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Lane, who will show the Premises. The above Estate is Freehold & moderatley assessed for the Land Tax.
For Particulars enquire of Mr. John Howse, Attorney at North Walsham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 28th September, 5th October & 2nd November 1771

1771: Thomas Lane, miller

1790: John Lane, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1822: Andrew Lane, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Hingham Mills

Pigot's 1830: John Lane, corn miller

White's 1836: Aaron Lane, miller & baker

1839: John Lane, miller

1840: John Lane, miller

c.1840: Mill sold and moved to Banham before being replaced replaced by a towermill

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