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Holt Cromer Road postmill stood just to the south of the old Cromer Road on the east side of the town. The mill had a roundhouse that was possibly added c.1828 and ran 2 pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill & jumper.

All that capital & newly erected WINDMILL situate in Holt in Norfolk, consisting of a roundhouse completely fitted up, cpapble of containing twenty lasts of corn, with accompanying house, lodging room & horse mill for dressing flour in the same, with every other needful apparatus.
Likewise two capital GRANARIES for corn adjoining, with a lodge for carts & waggons, stables & hayhouse, all new built & well situated for trade, with two acres & a half of freehold Land thereto belongoing.
For price & particulars enquire of Charles Kendle of Holt, the proprietor, who will shew the premises: of Mr. John Dew, Swanton Novers or Mr. Robert Akers, Hindolveston.
Norfolk Chronicle - 30th June, 21st & 28th July 1792

By S. Chapman At the New Inn, Holt, Norfolk
On Monday 27 September at 4 o’c
(By the Order of the Assignees of Mr. Samuel Copland)
Lot 1. All that capital POST WINDMILL situate in Holt aforesaid, with a spacious roundhouse, two pair of French stones, flour mill & jumper with going gears complete. ALSO an unexpired term of 17 years in the Piece of LAND containing one acre & upwards, on part of which the mill stands. The above Mill has been recently rebuilt & is replete with every convenience & adapted for carrying on an extensive trade, having easy communication with the ports of Blakeney & Cley, from whence flour is shipped by regular trades to London, Newcastle, Hull, Leeds, Wakefield & other places.
Lot 2. An unexpired term of 17 years in a lease of a Brick & tile Yard … dwelling house …
Holt is a considerable market town & the neighbourhood is populous & respectable & the whole concern form an eligible situation for a man of property as it commands an excellent trade both in the mealing & brick & tile trade.
Apply to Mr. Withers, jun, Solr. Holt, Mr. Jas,. Chapman, Bungay, or to Mr. Wm. Cook, Glandford Mills, near Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th, 11th & 25th September 1819

Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt bearing date at Westminster 12 June 1819 awarded & issued forth against Samuel Copland of Holt, Miller
to meet 26 April next ...
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th April 1821

Commission of Bankruptcy awarded & issued forth against William Copland late of Holt, Norfolk, Miller, Dealer & Chapman & now of Sharrington, Farmer
To surrender 1 April next.
Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd March 1822

Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt bearing date at Westminster 23rd February 1822 awarded & issued forth against William Copland late of Holt, Norfolk, Miller, dealer & chapman to meet 16 January next.
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th December 1823

Insolvent Debtor. Prisoner for Debt.
Stephen Storey
formerly of Hempstead, Farmer
afterwards of Aldborough, Miller
afterwards at Edgefield, Journeyman Miller
afterwards of Briston, Labourer
afterwards of Holt, Miller
& late of Briston, all in Norfolk, out of business.
Norfolk Chronicle - 20th October 1827

Meeting of Creditors of Stephen Storey late of Holt, Norfolk, Miller,
an Insolvent Debtor lately discharged from his Majesty's Gaol of the Castle of Norwich ...
11th August next at the New Inn, Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th July 1828

To be Sold by Auction
By Order of the Assignee of the Estate & Effects of Stephen Storey an Insolvent Debtor & with the \approbation of the Creditors on Saturday 20 September 1828 at 4 o’c at the New Inn situate in Holt in the county of Norfolk.
A newly erected & commodious Dwelling House with a Post Wind Corn Mill, newly erected brick roundhouse, stable, out offices & two small Inclosures of excellent Arable Land in a high state of cultivation lying immediately contiguous in Holt aforesaid containing together about 2a. 1r. 0p. all now occupied by Mr. Henry Raven under a Lease which will expire at Old Lady day 1834 at the annual rent of £52. 10s. The Inclosure upon which the Buildings & Windmill stand are Freehold & the Inclosure containing 1a. 0r. 18p. is Copyhold, fine certain. The local situation of the Premises renders them a desirable object to a purchaser either for occupation or Investment.
Apply to Mr. James Carr, Builder, the Assignee or to Mr. Withers, Solr. both of Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 16th August 1828

Notice re Bankruptcy of
Henry Raven, late of Holt, county of Norfolk, Miller, dealer & chapman.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd October 1829

Notice re Bankruptcy of
Henry Raven, late of Holt, Miller
Commission of Bankruptcy dated 4 March 1829
Norfolk Chronicle - 28th March 1829

To Millers & others
To be Sold or Let
A Capital POST WINDMILL & Roundhouse with a Messuage & convenient Outbuildings & about 2 acres of Arable Land thereto adjoining in HOLT. Possession of the Mill & Land may be had at Michaelmas next & of the Messuage & Buildings at the Michaelmas following.
Apply personally or by Letter free of postage to Mr. William Woodcock Withers, Solr. Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th September 1831

c.1818: Mill rebuilt

1819: Samuel Copland, miller, bankrupt

1821: Samuel Copland, miller

1822: William Copland, miller dealer & chapman, bankrupt

Bryant's map 1826: Windmilll

c.1828: Roundhouse erected

c.1828: Stephen Storey, miller, bankrupt

1828: Henry Raven, miller, leasing mill at a rent of £52. 10s. per annum

August 1828: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1829: Henry Raven, miller, dealer & chapman, bankrupt

September 1831: Mill advertised for sale or let

White's 1836: John Bloy, corn miller residing in Bull St (possible)

White's 1845: John Bloy, corn miller residing in Bull St (possible)

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