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Honingham postmill stood to the southwest of the village a short distance to the west of the later towermill. In the late 1700s and the early 1800s the mill was being worked in conjunction with Honingham watermill.

Marriage 1768: Thomas Eastoe and Susanna Clarke

Baptism 1771: Thomas Esto, son of Thomas Esto and Susanna
Buried 1806: Thomas Eastoe, age 34, son of Thomas Eastoe and Susannah Clarke (left will - see below)

Baptism 1773: Susanna Eastoe, daughter of Thomas Eastoe and Susanna
Buried 1797: Susannah Eastoe, age 23 daughter of Thomas Eastoe and Susannah Clarke

Burial 1775: Susanna wife of Thomas Eastoe - miller

Married c.1776: Thomas Eastoe and Anne Hawkins (thus far no marriage found)

Baptism 1777: Anne, daughter of Thomas Eastoe and Anne
Died 1847: Anne Eastoe, age 69 in Norwich. GRO death certificate. (left will-see below)

Baptism 1781: Maria Eastoe, daughter of Thomas Eastoe and Anne
Buried 1799: Maria Eastoe, age 17, daughter of Thomas Eastoe and Ann Hawkins
Baptism 1787: Charlotte Eastoe, daughter of Thomas Eastoe and Anne Hawkins
Buried 1831: Charlotte Eastoe, age 44 (National Burial Index)

Baptism ????: Elizabeth Eastoe, date and place unknown but Anne's sister by implication from her 1847 will
Married 1795: Elizabeth Eastoe and William Lubbock

Baptism 1798: Henry Easthoe, son of William Lubbock and Elizabeth (Kings Lynn)
Baptism 1798: Thomas Easthoe son of William Lubbock and Elizabeth (Kings Lynn)
Baptism 1801: Susannah, daughter of William Lubbock and Elisabeth Eastoe       
Baptism 1809: Edward John, son of William Lubbock and Elizabeth Eastoe (Swaffham)

From the Archdeaconry Court of Norwich Wills
Thomas Eastoe NRO  Norwich MF 352/3 W112 127

Will Proved 07/11/1708 Under £300 (death duty register IR26/393 238)

Executrix Elizabeth Lubbock, wife of William Lubbock& sister of deceased

Anne Eastoe's 1847 will refers to 'my grave, my father's & mother's, Charlotte's, Maria's, Susan's, and my brother's, and my father's first wife's'. Also named were Thomas Eastoe Lubbock, Henery Eastoe Lubbock and Edward Eastoe Lubbock as 'my 3 nephews', making Elizabeth Lubbock her sister.
Information supplied by Bill Eastoe - 13th April 2010

Will of Thomas Eastoe
Dated 2nd March 1788
Proved at Norwich 26th April 1803

Executors:- Ann, wife, executrix
William Hook, Bintry, Miller
Edward Wells, Hockering, Carpenter

Water_Mills, Wind Mill, Lands, Tenements & Herediments to wife & Thomas Eastoe, son, for 6 years, then for sale dividing proceeds amongst wife & children.

Notice to Debtors & Creditors of
Thomas Eastoe late of Honingham, Miller, deceased.
Norfolk Chronicle - 30th April 1803

Notice to Debtors & Creditors of
Thomas Eastoe late of Honingham, Miller, deceased.

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th April 1803

Water Mill & Wind Mill
To be Sold by Auction

At the Kings Arms Inn in East Dereham On Friday 9 December next at 4o'c.
All that Freehold Dwelling House with every convenience necessary lately occupied by Mr. Thomas Eastoe, deceased, in Honingham, together with an exceeding good water_mill adjoining, in full trade & extremely well situated, being next to the Turnpike Road leading from East Dereham to Norwich (a good wheat country) with two pair of stones 4 feet diameter, a water wheel 14 feet diameter & 6 feet float, the water wheel, lanes, groundwork etc. are almost new, with all the going gears, implements and machinery complete. Also a Wind-Mill near. Eight miles from Norwich & 8 from East Dereham. Enquire of Messrs. Crisp & Son, East Dereham or Mr. Wells of Honingham, who will shew the premises.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd December 1803

John Ringer
Signatory to Notice re Purchase of Corn on One Month's Credit.
See Corn file for Notice.

Norfolk Chronicle - 29th October 1808

Robert Golden of East Tuddenham, farmer
Assigned effects to
John Ringer of Honingham, Miller
for benefit of creditors

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th July 1814

Marriage 1768: Thomas Eastoe jnr and Susanna Clarke

Burial 4th Oct 1768: Thomas Esto snr, miller

4th April 1776: Susanna Eastoe having died was buried - wife of Thomas Eastoe jnr, miller

13th August 1776: Thomas Eastoe jnr married Ann Hawkins, a singlewoman by licence

1788: Thomas Eastoe jnr, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Poll Book 1802: Thomas Eastoe jnr

1803: Thomas Eastoe
jnr died

Index of Wills 1803: Thomas Eastoe jnr

December 1803: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with Honingham watermill

1808: John Ringer, miller

1814: John Ringer, miller

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