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Little Cressingham smockmill was built c.1780, on Mill Hill, opposite the White Horse pub. By 1845 William Cook, victualler of the White Horse was the occupier of the land on Mill Hill, although the mill had gone.

TO be SOLD, or LETT, and entered upon immediately, a WATER-MILL and WIND-MILL, with six Acres of Land, in Little Cressingham, in Norfolk, within two Miles of Watton, and six of Swaffham.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Brown, Millwright, in Ber-street, Norwich, or of
Mr. William Trundle, at the mill, in Little Cressingham aforesaid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th February 1782

It would appear that William Trundle, owner of the mill had moved to Necton, probably during 1782 and that he had not managed to sell the mills over the course of the year.

To be Sold, or Lett,
(And entered upon immediately)
A Water-Mill and Windmill, with a new House adjoining, together with six Acres of exceeding good Land, Part Freehold, Part Copyhold, with a Right of Common thereunto belonging, situate in Little Cressingham, in the County of Norfolk. -- Cressingham is within two Miles of Watton, and six of Swaffham. For further Particulars enquire of Mr TRUNDLE, of Necton, the Owner,
Mr John FARROW, in Little Cressingham aforesaid, who will shew the Premisses, or of William TOWNSHEND, Attorney, Downham, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd February 1783

To be SOLD
A WATER-MILL and WIND-MILL, and about Six Acres of Land, in Little Creffingham. Alfo to be fold in Necton, a WIND-MILL and House, with Four Acres of Land, with a good Right of Common to both Places; if not fold, to be lett immediately.
For further Particulars enquire of William Trundle, in Necton.
 N.B. Any Perfon inclinable to enter into Partnerfhip in the Trade, he will be inftructed in the Bufinefs.
Norfolk Chronicle - 28th June 1783

To be Sold by Auction By W. PARSON In three Lots
On Wednesday November 4, 1795 at 3 o'c
At the Crown Inn, Watton, Norfolk,
Unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract
Lot 1. A Water Corn Mill, Dwelling house, baking office, outhouses, yards & garden, with two Common Rights, situate at Little Cressingham, in the occupation of Mr. J. Pearson, the Owner, who will shew the premises.
Lot 2. A Tower Windmill & about half an acre of land situated near the above mentioned Lot.
Lot 3. A cottage in excellent repair, with two enclosures of exceedingly good arable Land containing about four acres situate at Cressingham aforesaid.
Immediate Possession of all the premises may be had as the owner wishes to retire from the business on account of his ill health.
Apply to Mr. Pearson on the premises or to the Auctioneer at Attleborough Bear.
Norfolk Chronicle, 31st October 1795

In the 1980s Harry Apling queried as to whether the upright shaft, spur wheel, bridge trees and other white painted timbers were reused during the construction of the combined water and towermills.

c.1780: Mill built

1780: William Trundle, miller

February 1782: Mill advertised for sale or let along with Little Cressingham watermill

1783: William Trundle, miller

February 1783: Mill advertised for sale or let along with Little Cressingham watermill

1795: J. Pearson, miller
October 1795: Mill advertised for auction let along with Little Cressingham watermill

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

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