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Moulton St. Michael was also know as Great Moulton. The post windmill stood in Black Mill Lane to the south of the village to the east of Aslacton Common and to the north of Tivetshall Common. The mill was an open trestle postmill that used 2 pairs of common sails to power two pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill. The mill was turned to wind with a tailpole.

To be SOLD
A MESSUAGE and 5 Acres of Land part Copyhold and part Freehold, scituate in Moulton, Norfolk, adjoining a Common for Sheep & Cattle, in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Skipper of the Yearly Rent of Eleven Pounds.
Also a well accustomed WINDMILL adjoining thereto, all of which Premises are scituate, lying and being within 6 miles of Diss, 6 of Harleston and 12 of Norwich.
Also a well accustomed WINDMILL scituate in Mulbarton in Norfolk and within 5 miles of Norwich.
... at Forncett St. Peter ...
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Murrell of Forncett St. Peter aforesaid or Mr. James Carnall in the Hay Market, Norwich.
Norwich Mercury - 12th July 1755

To be Sold by Auction By Mr. Balls On Tuesday 12 March next between the hours of 3 & 4 o'c At the Swan Inn, Long Stratton
A Desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE at Moulton, near Long Stratton, consisting of an excellent Post Windmill with two pair of stones and the accustomed going gears; also a comfortable dwelling house, granary, stable and outhouses in good repair and 2 acres or thereabouts of land, in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Boulton, the proprietor, who will yield early possession of the whole.
Application to Mr. Daniel, Solr. Wymondham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th February & 9th March 1816

MOULTON MILL near Long Stratton
To be Sold by Private Contract
The above WINDMILL driving 2 pairs of French Stones, flour Mill etc. now in full trade, with DWELLING HOUSE, Granary, Cart Shed,
Stables and 2a. 2r. of LAND. Freehold.
For further particulars apply to Mr. Garrett, Moulton.
Norfolk News - 26th April & 3rd May 1862

Messrs. Spelman have received instructions from the Proprietor (who has purchased a larger business elsewhere) to Sell by Auction on Saturday July 26 at 2 for 3 o'c at the Norfolk Hotel, Norwich A POST WINDMILL drives two pairs of Stones, FLOUR MILL etc. and a Dwelling house, Warehouse, Stable and about 2
½ acres of LAND.
There is a good Grist Trade to the Mill which is now in full trade.
Also about 70,000 good CLAMP BRICKS.
Messrs. MITCHELL & CLARKE, Solrs. Wymondham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th, 12th & 19th July & Norfolk News - 5th & 19th July 1862

To Let, the above WIND MILL now in full Bag trade, with DWELLING HOUSE and necessary Outbuildings and 2
½ Acres of Land. The present occupier can give satisfactory reasons for leaving.
Apply to Mr. Garrett, Moulton near Long Stratton.
Norfolk News - 13th September 1862

O.S. Map 2005
O.S. Map 2005
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

c.1980 C. J. Herring of Long Stratton wrote to Philip Unwin to say he was the son of Charles W. Herring and that Charles Herring had once worked at Garboldisham postmill.

On 1st August 1985, William P. Pasque of White House, Great Moulton, wrote to Harry apling to say he had a 4ft French burr runner stone that he believed came form the mill. The stone had a balance box with an inscription on the cover that read:
CLARKE & DUNHAM, 48 Mark Lane, London, Millstone Balance Patentees 1859.

1755: Edward Skipper, tenant miller at a rent of £11 per annum

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1816: Benjamin Boulton, miller

February 1816: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

White's 1836: John Halls, corn miller

1846: Samuel Lant, miller

Census 1851: Samuel Lent (57) b.Harling, miller employing 1 man

White's 1854: Samuel Lant, corn miller

1862: Samuel Lant, miller

April 1862: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

July 1862: Mill advertised for sale by auction

September 1862: Mill advertised for let

1863: James Saunders, miller

White's 1864: James Saunders, corn miller

1868: James Saunders, miller

1872: Samuel Cadman
, miller

Kelly's 1879: Samuel Cadman
, miller

O.S. map 1883: Windmill

White's 1890: Samuel Cadman
, miller

Kelly's 1892: Samuel Cadman
, miller (wind)

Kelly's 1896:
William Herring, miller (wind & steam), special for grist grinding, also corn, seed & flour merchant

Kelly's 1900:
Charles W. Herring, miller (wind & steam), special for grist grinding, also corn, seed & flour merchant

Kelly's 1904:
Charles W. Herring, miller (wind & steam), special for grist grinding, also corn, seed & flour merchant

O.S. map 1901: Windmill

5th November 1913: Mill burnt down

1971: Mrs. Edmunds & Peter Howe, Mill Farm

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