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Yarmouth Road post mill in North Walsham was also known as Youngman's Mill or Field Mill and is shown under the latter name on the 1890 Ordnance Survey Map.
The mill buck was set on a 2 storey roundhouse and had a gable end porch and and was moved into wind with a tail pole. The 4 double shuttered sails, each with 8 bays of 3 shutters were struck by rack and pinion.

To be Sold
TWO WINDMILLS with their going Geers, one being near St._Giles_Gates, Norwich and the other at North Walsham in Norfolk.
Also the Remainder of a Term for sixty years which commenced in 1747 of a good water_mill with a Dwelling House and small farm adjoining, being in Dilham, late occupied by Mr. Joseph Cole.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Marker at Dilham aforesaid, Mr. Gaze of Paston, or Mr. Gay of North Walsham.
All such Persons as are indebted to the said Joseph Cole are desired to discharge the same immediately to some of the abovesaid Persons or they may be sued.
Norwich Mercury - 7th November 1761

Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Jacob Palmer of North Walsham, Miller, dealer and chapman and he being declared a Bankrupt to surrender 2nd October next ...
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th September 1795

To be Sold
A Very desirable ESTATE at North Walsham, Norfolk, comprising a Dwelling house, barn and other requisite buildings, a capital WINDMILL with granaries and machinery adapted for preparing and dressing Oatmeal and Flour and 10 acres of arable land; in the occupation of Mr. John Durrant and of whom possession may be had at Michaelmas next. The Dwelling house, Mill and Buildings have been erected and fitted up at a considerable expence and the situation is very convenient for carrying on an extensive trade.
Part of the purchase money may remain on security of the estate.
Apply to Mr. Wm. Forster, Attorney at North Walsham aforesaid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd September & 6th October 1804

c.1906 c.1906


Notice to Debtors and Creditors
Creditors of late deceased William Pitcher, miller, of North Walsham ... accounts to widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Pitcher of North Walsham his executrix ...

Norfolk Chronicle - 12th August 1809

Pitcher, William
Will dated 17 December 1807.
Executrix Wife Elizabeth
Executor Jedediah Barcham, Edingthorpe, Farmer
... Messuages, Mills, lands, tenements etc. ...
to be sold, proceeds to wife.
Will proved at North Walsham - 25th January 1810

To be Sold With possession at Michaelmas next
A Very good Dwelling House with convenient buildings, excellent Corn Windmill and about 22 acres of land of the first quality in a ring fence adjoining to the dwelling house in North Walsham in Norfolk, late in the occupation of Mr. William Pitchers deceased.
The situation is very eligible for carrying on an extensive trade adjoining to the town of North Walsham, an excellent corn market and distant about four miles from a river navigable to Yarmouth.
Apply to Mr. William Forster, Solr. North Walsham aforesaid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 26th May 1810

Tithe map 1843 - redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1843 - redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Map 1843
Tithe Map 1843
Yarmouth Road postmill in Plot 404
Norwich Road towermill in Plot 334

Tithe Award 1837
Map, James Wright, Land surveyor, Aylsham
Owner: Richard Youngman
Occupier: Isaac Youngman

No. 404

House, mill buildings, Yards & Gardens

0a. 3r. 20p.


THUNDERSTORM - On Friday afternoon ... The lightning struck the gable end of the building belonging to Mr. Isaac Youngman, miller, knocking a considerable part of it down, but doing no further damage. Mr. John Youngman and an apprentice who were in the mill adjoining both felt the effects of the shock and Mr. Youngman was quite stunned for some time afterwards.
Norfolk News - 26th March 1859

Brew your own Beer, make free with the Malt, be sparing with the Water and your Beverage will be good, if you buy your Malt at
Pudding Stuff and Dumpling Dust at the usual prices. Good Malt 8s. 6d. per bushel. Prime Hops 1s. 2d. per lb. Orders thankfully received.
North Walsham, 14 August.
Norfolk News - 18th August 1860

Mr. Thomas Youngman, deceased
All persons who stood indebted to Mr. Thos. Youngman, late of Honing, Miller, deceased, are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts forthwith to Isaac Youngman, Miller, North Walsham or to Thomas Youngman at Honing, on the premises or to George Youngman of Ridlington, the Son and Son-in-Law of the deceased and the two Executors under the Will of the said Thomas Youngman ...
Thomas Youngman
George Youngman
Norfolk News - 20th June 1863

To Let with Possession at Michaelmas a neat and pleasantly situated COTTAGE at the Mill, Yarmouth Road.
Apply to Mr. Isaac Youngman, Field Mill, Yarmouth Road, North Walsham.
Norfolk News - 15th September 1866

Fatal Accident to a Pony
A few days since, a pony belonging to Mr. Isaac Youngman, miller, strayed into the mill yard and went so near the mill that one of the sails struck it on the forehead fracturing the skull and killing it on the spot.
Norfolk News - 27th June 1868


Houses etc.
With Possession now or at Christmas
A NEAT and pleasantly situated COTTAGE at the Mill, Yarmouth Road. adapted for a small Family.
Apply to Isaac Youngman on the Premises
Clear of Parish Rates.
Norfolk News - 5th & 12th November 1870


O.S. Map 1885
O.S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

O. S. Map 1905
O. S. Map 1905
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1864: Jonathan Youngman, corn miller

Index of Wills 1602: Leonard Skift, miller

Index of Wills 1709: Francis Brereton, miller

November 1761: Mill advertised for sale along with in Heigham Mill Hill postmill in Norwich and Dilham watermill

September 1795: Jacob Palmer, miller. dealer & chapman, declared bankrupt

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1804: John Durrant, miller

September 1804: Mill advertised for sale

1809: William Pitcher, miller, died

Index of Wills 1810: William Pitcher, miller

May 1810: Mill advertised for sale

1822: Isaac Youngman, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Pigot's 1830: Isaac Youngman, miller, FIELD MILL

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: Isaac Youngman, corn miller, Yarmouth road

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Census 1841: Isaac Youngman (42) miller
Emma Youngman (38)
Richard Youngman (18) miller
John Youngman (12)
Robert Gedge (20) agricultural labourer
Phoebe Frary (20) servant
George Jay (15) apprentice miller

Tithe Award 1843: Owner: Richard Youngman; Occupier: Isaac Youngman

White's 1845: Isaac Youngman, corn miller

Kelly's 1854: Isaac Youngman, miller & farmer, Yarmouth Road

Census 1851: Isaac Youngman (52) b.Worstead, miller & farmer of 45 acres employing 2 men
Emma Youngman (48) b.North Walsham, farmer's wife
Richard Youngman (28) b.North Walsham, journeyman miller
Richard Youngman (1) b.Bradfield, grandson
William Young (16) b.Honingham, apprentice miller
Charlotte Bell (20) b.Hoveton St John, general servant
John Watts (16) farming servant
Rose Webester (59) b.Mundesley, wash woman
Address: Field Mill, Yarmouth Road

1859: John Youngman aged approx 30 and an apprentice working at the mill

Friday 25th March 1859: Gable end of mill house destroyed by lightning strike

Census 1861: Isaac Youngman (62) b.Worstead, miller & farmer of 50 acres employing 3 men & 1 boy
Emma Youngman (58) b.North Walsham
Isaac Youngman (18) b.Honing, apprentice miller
Richard Youngman (11) b.Bradfield, grandson
Caroline Sadler (18) b.East Ruston, servant
Charlotte Howard (11) b.North Walsham, house girl

White's 1864: Isaac Youngman, corn miller, Field Mill

September 1866: Mill advertised to be let

June 1868: Pony killed by mill sails

1870: Isaac Youngman, miller

November 1870: Mill cottage advertised for let

Kelly's 1879: Isaac Youngman, miller & farmer, Yarmouth Road

White's 1883: William Youngman, miller and farmer, Yarmouth road

1883: Auxiliary steam power in use 1890: Field Mill (Corn)

White's 1890: Richard Youngman, corn miller, Yarmouth road

Kelly's 1892: Richard Youngman, miller (wind) Yarmouth road

Kelly's 1896: Richard Youngman, miller (wind) Yarmouth road

c.1902: Mill ceased working

Kelly's 1904: Isaac John Youngman, farmer, Fieldmill Farm, Yarmouth Road 1905: Field Mill

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