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Heigham Mill Hill post mill stood just outside the old city wall near St Giles Gate on the south side of the Earlham Road and the west side of Mill Hill Road.
The mill buck stood on a roundhouse and used a single pair of 4 ft. 10 ins. French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper.

The Wind-Mill without St. Giles's Gates is to be Lett or Sold.
Inquire of Mr Roger Unday or of Mr Charles Sadler a Taylor in the Close.

Norwich Gazette or Loyal Packet - 13th - 20th July 1717

Re journey from Oxford to Weston Longville to take up living.
April 14th, 1775
We breakfasted, dined, supped and slept at Norwich. We took a walk over the City in the morning . . . On the Hills round the City stand many Wind Mills, about a dozen to be seen fromthe Castle Mount . . .
Diary of a Country Parson, James Woodeford - 1758-1802

The mills mentioned could be:
Heigham Mill Hill postmill on the Earlham Road
Eaton postmill
Green Hills, St. Augustine Gates postmill
Mousehold Black Mill
Pockthorpe towermill
Sprowston postmill
Trowse postmill
Thorpe Plumstead Rd. towermill
Heigham Stone Hills postmill, Dereham Road
Upper Hellesdon towermill

To be Sold
TWO WINDMILLS with their going Geers, one being near St. Giles Gates, Norwich and the other at North_Walsham in Norfolk.
Also the Remainder of a Term for sixty years which commenced in 1747 of a good water_mill with a Dwelling House and small farm adjoining, being in Dilham, late occupied by Mr. Joseph Cole.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Marker at Dilham aforesaid, Mr. Gaze of Paston, or Mr. Gay of North Walsham.
All such Persons as are indebted to the said Joseph Cole are desired to discharge the same immediately to some of the abovesaid Persons or they may be sued.
Norwich Mercury - 7th November 1761

To be Sold by AUCTION
On Friday 4th Decembeer between the Hours of Two and Four o'c in the Afternoon, at the MAIDSHEAD without St. Giles Gates
A WINDMILL situated in HEIGHAM near Norwich, with all going GEARS and in extraordinary good Repair. Also a Lease of seven Acres of Pasture Land adjoining, for a Term of 50 years, now in teh possession of Joseph Cole.
For further particulars enquire of the said Joseph Cole.
Norwich Mercury - 28th November 1761

Robert Drake was the miller in 1795 but died very young.


Thursday last died, Mr. Robert Drake, miller, of Upper Heigham, aged 26.
Norwich Gazette - 17th October 1795


A Neat and compleat DWELLING HOUSE, with a POST WINDMILL adjoining and about seven acres of land, all situate and lying just out of St. Giles' Gate, in Norwich
For further particulars apply to Foster, Son, and Unthank, Attornies, in Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 7th & 14th May 1796

The next miller was John Dring

To be SOLD by Private Contract,

THAT Capital WIND-MILL, with all the going-gears, situate in Heigham; also a HORSE MILL, with all the apparatus; and a good substantial DWELLING HOUSE, with about 5 acres of land adjoining. - For further particulars apply to Mr. Dring, Baker, in St. Giles', Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th & 15th September 1804

Signatory to Notice re Purchase of Corn on One Month's Credit.
Norfolk Chronicle - 29th October 1808

John Dring remained at the mill and was still there eleven years later, when it was put up for auction.

By Mr. BURT,

On Saturday, July the 1st, 1815, at five o'clock, at the Star Inn, Market Place, Norwich.
A POST WINDMILL, brick roundhouse, stables, and comfortable dwelling-house, standing in the centre of five acres of arable and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr. Dring, situated in the Hamlet of Heigham, Norwich, may be entered upon immediately. - For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer.

Norfolk Chronicle - 17th & 24th June & 1st July 1815

The mill was not sold and was offered for sale again in February 1816.


A POST WINDMILL, with brick round-house, stables, and comfortable Dwelling-house, standing in the centre of five acres of arable and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr. Dring, situated in the Hamlet of Heigham, Norwich, may be entered upon immediately.
For further particulars, apply to Mr. Burt, Auctioneer, St. Giles', Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd, 10th & 17th February 1816


A LEASEHOLD INTEREST in about five acres of excellent Land, a convenient Dwelling-house, and a large and excellent Post Windmill and round-house, situate a short distance from St. Giles's Gates, Norwich, or the road to Earlham. The lease is granted for a term of twelve years from the 25th day of March, 1814, at a rental of £35 per annum. All edifices, erections, or buildings upon the premises, are to be taken by the landlord, at the end of the lease, by valuation, if he chooses, otherwise power is reserved for the tenant to remove the same.
For particulars apply to Messrs. Bignold & Brightwell, solicitors, Surrey-street, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th November 1816


Tuesday last, at Frettenham, by the Rev. Joseph Church, Mr. John Woods Dring, miller of Heigham, to Mrs. Mary Waites, of All Saints, in this city.
Norfolk Chronicle - 25th April 1818

Some horses were stolen on the 16th August 1818

On Sunday night last, or early on Monday morning, a very valuable horse, the property of Mr. Dring, miller, of this city, was stolen from out of a pasture near St. Giles's-gates, by some villain, who, it is supposed, rode off with it to some distant fair. An old horse was taken away at the same time, but was afterwards found upon the road.
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd August 1818

A fatal accident involving the carriage of some mill sails happened in Heigham on the 31st August 1818

On Tuesday, an inquisition was held at the Bull, St. Stephen's, by Robt. Purland, jun. gent. Coroner, on the body of Jeremiah Barker, of St. Margaret's, eight years old, who was riding on a timber gill, conveying some mill sails, in the parish of Heigham, on Monday evening, between seven and eight o'clock, when the chain by some means unfastened and sprung against his head with such force and violence as to occasion a fracture; he was immediately conveyed to the Hospital, but died a few minutes afterwards. The Jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death, and fined the gill a deodand of one shilling. Two other boys were in the act of getting on the gill at the moment the accident happened, but fortunately they received no injury.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th September 1818

John Dring died on the 9th April 1820 and his baking office was put up for auction on the 25th May 1820


Sunday last, Mr. Dring, baker, St. Giles.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th April 1820

The next miller was Henry Allen who was born c.1796 in Norwich

On Tuesday, August 20th, 1822,
At the sign of the Grapes, St. Giles's Gates, Norwich, Precisely at one o'clock in the Afternoon,

ALL that capital POST WIND MILL, with a Round House, an excellent pair of French Stones 4 feet 10 inch diameter, with a Flour Mill, Jumper, and convenient Out-buildings, part thereof is now used as a Millers sleeping-room, stable, cart lodge, pig sty and privy standing thereon, and a right of taking water from the well on the adjoining Estate. - The Mill, Premises, and Land, are Leasehold, of which four years were unexpired March 1822. - The only outgoing is a ground rent of Five pounds per annum.
The above Mill is situated within a quarter of a mile of St. Giles's Gates, in the parish of Heigham, is substantially built, and is allowed to be the best situated of any mill, near Norwich, now in full trade, and in the occupation of Mr. Henry Allen, who will give up possession at Michaelmas next.

Norfolk Chronicle - 10th & 17th August 1822

Henry Allen duly left the mill at Michaelmas but was again offered for sale in October 1823. Henry Allen later ran the Heigham Stone Hills postmill

To Be SOLD by Private Contract,
With Immediate Possession,

A Most capital WIND-MILL and Round-house with an Inclosure of Freehold Land, on which the same in part stands, situate extremely well for wind, and within a quarter of a mile of the city of Norwich.
For price and particulars enquire of Mr. Alfred Barnard, Solicitor, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th October 1823

The land around the mill was offered for sale by auction as building land in February 1824

On Friday, the 13th day of February, 1824,
At the Norfolk Hotel, St. Giles', Norwich, At Four o'clock in the Afternoon.

A Piece of Freehold LAND, called the Mill Hill Piece, in Heigham, delightfully situated on a rising terrace, well adapted for building and having a substratum of chalk, with the dwelling-house, gardens, and well, containing four acres three roods and ten perches, late in the occupation of the Executor of Mr. John Dring, possession may be had at Lady day next, or sooner if required, except for a small piece of ground upon which a Mill now stands, and which is subject to a lease that will expire at Lady day, 1826.
For further particulars apply to Messrs. Woodrow and Newton, Tombland, or to Messrs. Unthank and Foster, Solicitors, Queen-street, at whose office a plan of the lands may be seen.

Norfolk Chronicle - 31st January 1824

In June 1824, 17 lots of building land were for auction in Heigham, ranging from 30 to 45 perches. In July 1825, 40 lots of building land near St. Giles' Gates were for auction: Lot 10, of 17¾ rods, being part of the Mill Piece.

It seems likely that the mill was demolished in the summer of 1826, once the lease had expired. There is the possibility that the mill was moved elsewhere but no evidence for this has been found.

Is anything known of the history of the old mill which for many years stood on the site of what is known as Mill Hill? A very old resident of Norwich told me he remembered a mill there when he was a boy, some sixty years ago and in a woodcut of "The New Prison at Norwich" (1827) which appeared in "The Mirror" of that date, a windmill is shown on this site. I fancy this was in existence as far back as the 17th Century, but perhaps some reader of "Notes & Queries" may be able to give some information about it and who its owners were.
Fredk. T. Hibgame, Beaufort House, Clifton Wood, Bristol.
Norfolk & Norwich "Notes & Queries," Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd June 1899

An octogenarian correspondent writes as follows with reference to my reply to Query 351 (Burial of a Suicide)
"As regards Mill Hill, for many years I had a small sketch of the old windmill which gave its name to the hill. It was pulled down, I believe, soon after the erection of the City Gaol, in 1827, previous to which there were very few buildings of any kind beyond St. Giles Gates. . . . most of the present houses, except a few on the South side of Earlham Road were built after the Gaol. In a small print I have of the latter building, there are only five or six houses and the mill to the east of it, I think I have heard my father say that a Mr. Bacon owned the mill and had some business premises in St. Giles. . . . A view of the Gaol, in the posssession of the Corporation, which was executed in 1827, the year it was finished, shows the mill on Mill Hill and about a dozen houses of some sort or other in the distance.
Fredk. T. Hibgame
Norfolk & Norwich "Notes & Queries," Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd June 1905

July 1717: Mill advertised for sale or let

Kirkpatrick's N.E. Prospect of Norwich 1723: Windmill

Buck's S.E. Prospect of Norwich 1741: Windmill

1761: Joseph Cole, miller

November 1761: Mill advertised for sale along with North Walsham Yarmouth Rd postmill & Dilham watermill

October 1795: Robert Drake, miller, died aged 26

May 1796: Mill advertised for sale along with mill house and 7 acres of land

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1804: John Dring, miller & baker

September 1804: Mill advertised for sale by private contract along with 5 acres of land and a horse mill

Poll Book 1806: John Dring, miller

1808: John Dring, miller & baker

1815: John Dring, miller & baker

June 1815: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1816: John Dring, miller & baker

February 1816: Mill advertised for sale by private contract along with 5 acres

November 1816: Mill advertised for sale by private contract - 12 year lease at £351 per annum

April 1818: John Woods Dring, miller, married Mrs. Mary Waites

9th April 1820: John Dring died

1822: Henry Allen born c.1796, miller

August 1822: Mill advertised folr sale by auction

October 1823: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

January 1824: Mill house and over 4 acres of building land advertised for sale

Summer 1826: Probable time that mill was dismantled

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