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Terrington St Clement tower mill at Balsam Fields near the old station, was a 70 ft. seven storey mill built by the Kings Lynn millwrights Eastwicks some time before 1841 and was sometimes known as Walker's Mill. It was one of only six mills in Norfolk to possess 6 sails. The ogee cap had a ball finial, gallery and a petticoat and it held an 8 bladed fan. Each of the six sails had 8 bays of 3 shutters and they drove 2 pairs of French burr stones, 1 pair of Peak stones and one French burr runner stone on a Peak bedstone along with a boulter for flour dressing. All the stones were overdriven and the tower had a stage set around the 4th floor.

Very few windmills were capable of driving four pairs of stones, making this one of the most powerful mills in the county, the sails being some 74 feet in diameter.
By 1846 a 10 h.p. engine was driving and additional two pairs of stones.

The otherknown 6 sail mills in Norfolk were at: Sculthorpe, Ringstead, Terrington_St_Clement_Orange_Farm, Walsoken West Walton Highway and West Walton Ingleborough.

Said to have been built by Messrs. Eastwick, Millwrights, Kings Lynn, a few years before 1846.
Ceased working in 1903.
3 floors still remaining.
The brick tower was 70' 0" high.
The cap was the ogee type (typical Lincolnshire), vertical boarded, with gallery around and petticoat.

Fan tail gear with an eight flyer fan.
The sails were single sided patent sails, the whips were 36' 0" long, and the diameter tip to tip about 74' 0". The shades being wood backed with iron frame and covered with canvas.
The windshaft was cast iron, and the brake wheel iron with iron brake.
The "Wallower" was iron with wood cogs. The curb was cast iron with rack on then inside diameter, with upright shaft and pinion driven from fan gear.
The walls were 2' 3" thick at the bottom, reducing to 13½" at the top.
The bottom stage was at the 4th floor level, timber floor with iron balustrade.
Four pairs of stones on the 4th floor, 2 pairs French burr and 1 pair Derbyshire peaks and 1 pair French burr runner and Derbyshire peak bedstone. The stones were overdriven by stone nuts. The cases being circular timber.
One boulter for flour dressing.
The steam mill attached was three storied, containing two pairs of French burrs on the floor. The power unit was a steam engine.
The last two millers known were:-
Christopher Peek
Robert Fordham up to the date it ceased to operate.
G. R. Fordham, grandson of the above Robert Fordham - c.1980

Tithe Award 1841
Map 1841
Owner: William Wright
Occupier: William Wright, Junior

No. 966

Balsam Field, Pasture & Mill

Tithe Vicar

1a. 3r. 35p.
62a. 2r. 35p. £7. 3. 3
£12. 9. 3

19s. 10d.

Map torn and not traceable

To Millers. To be Let with Immediate Possession.
At TERRINGTON ST. CLEMENT in the County of Norfolk.
A good and substantially built TOWER WINDMILL driving four pair of Stones, with 10 horse power Engine attached driving two pair. The whole of the concern is entirely new having been erected within the last few years. The above is well situated and an extensive Business has hitherto been carried on by the late owner.
Apply to Mr. N. Wright, Clenchwarton near Lynn, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 12th December 1846

To Millers
Wanted immediately, a Man who thoroughly understands his business stonedressing etc. A good character indispensable.
Apply to J. N. Wright, Terrington Mill, Lynn.

Lynn Advertiser - 18th October 1873 & 17th January 1874

To Let at Terrington St. Clement
A SIX-SAIL MILL, seven storeys high, four pair of stones, with two large Granaries, Counting Houses, Stables, Cart Sheds, Waggon Hovels etc. Attached is an excellent RESIDENCE containing ... a well-stocked Garden and Orchard.
The above is to be let on lease until the youngest child attain the age of 25; with 100 acres (more or less) of prime Land, with the usual Farm Buildings attached, and being about 70 yards from the Midland station and within 20 minutes by rail from the town of Lynn, 30 minutes of Wisbech and 90 minutes of Peterborough. The above has been in the occupation of the owner John Newcome Wright, deceased.
For rent and particulars apply to Henry Wright or J. W. Wright, Terrington.

Lynn Advertiser - 5th & 12th June 1875

To Millers
WANTED, a man to take charge of a windmill.
Apply to J. Shephard, late Colliver, Six Sail Mill, Terrington.

Lynn Advertiser - 13th October 1877

Respectfully informs his friends and the inhabitants of Terrington and its vicinity that he has taken the business lately carried on by Mr. H. Colliver and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a share of public patronage.
Dealer in Flour, Bran, Barley meals, Randan, Maize etc.
October 11, 1877.

Lynn Advertiser - 27th October 1877

To Millers
WANTED, a Man to take charge of a Mill. House and garden found.
Apply to John Shephard, Six Sail Mill, Terrington near Lynn.

Lynn Advertiser - 6th April 1878

To Millers
WANTED, a young man just out of his time or an Improver.
Apply to Jon. Shephard, Terrington Mills, Lynn.

Lynn Advertiser - 31st August 1878

To Millers & Merchants
To be Let with possession at Michaelmas next, that superior six-sail WINDMILL with large Granaries, Stables and every convenience for doing a large business, pleasantly situated and almost adjoining Terrington Station, with an excellent Dwelling House, good Garden and Orchard.
Apply to Wm. Ed. Baker, Tilney All Saints, near Lynn.

Lynn Advertiser - 17th April 1880

To Millers & Merchants
To be Let with possession at Michaelmas next, the SIX-SAIL MILL at Terrington, driving four pairs of stones with one attached for steam power, with large granaries, plenty of stables, outhouses, good Dwelling house, excellent Garden and Orchard with grass piece, pleasantly situated adjoining Terrington Station, where there is every convenience for doing a large and profitable business. Premises so well situated are seldom to be met with.
Apply to W. E. Baker, Tilney All Saints, Lynn.

Lynn Advertiser - 3rd & 10th July 1880

29th May 1939
29th May 1939

Preliminary Notice
To be Sold by Public Auction in July next in two lots, all that very

belonging to the Trustees of John Newcome Wright Esq. deceased, consisting of a substantial Brick Wind and Steam Corn Mill driving four pairs of Stones; a commodious Farm Residence with large convenient farm premises and 100 acres (more or less) of very superior Arable and pasture Land suitable for growing potatoes, gardening or building purposes.
Its close proximity to the Terrington Railway Station makes it most desirable either for occupation or investment.
Apply to W. Newsham, Estate Agent, Wisbech.

Lynn Advertiser - 1st May 1886

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. George J. Moore
At the Globe Hotel, Kings Lynn on Tuesday 3 August 1886 at 3 for 4 o'c in the afternoon, by order of the trustees of the will of the late John Newcome Wright Esq. the following very

With RESIDENCE and Wind and Steam CORN MILLS in the undermentioned or such other lots as may be determined upon, viz:-
Lot 1.
All those 71a. 1r. 19p. (more or less) of highly productive LAND adjoining the Terrington Station of the Midland Railway Company and lying on the south side of the line, with good Family Residence, convenient Farm Buildings and an excellent and substantially built six sail Wind Corn Mill driving four pair of stones, in connection with which is a Steam Mill driving two pair of stones.
Partly freehold and partly copyhold, fine certain.
... information of Mr. John Newcome Wright, Hungate House, Emneth, Mr. Holland Wright, No. 3, Park Road Villas, Forest Hill, (the Trustees for Sale); of Mr. Wm. Newsham, Estate Agent, Wisbech and at our offices

Wisbech, 8 July 1886
F. & E. H. Jackson
Solrs. Wisbech.
Lynn Advertiser - 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st July 1886

To Let from October 11, the Terrington Mill and 94 acres of land adjoining or the Mill etc. separately.
Apply to W. J. Newcome Wright, Hungate House, Wisbech.

Lynn Advertiser - 2nd October 1886

MILLER wanted in a windmill, a married man and wife without family or very small one; used to bag work preferred. Character and references required.
Apply C. Peek, jun. Terrington.

Lynn Advertiser - 19th February 1887

The fan on the mill occupied by Mr. R. Fordham was blown completely away, whilst the fan and sails on Mr. C. Peek's Mill also suffered.
Lynn Advertiser & Norfolk County Press - 30th March 1895

N.B. Damage caused by the gale of Sunday 24th March 1895

The Terrington Mill to Let from Michaelmas next.
Apply to J. Newcome Wright, Terrington St. Clement.

Lynn Advertiser - 2nd May 1896

A windmill at Terrington St. Clement's is in the course of demolition and with its disappearance will go one of the famous landmarks of the Fen country. The mill was the tallest in the district. Years ago there were numerous windmills dotted about the Fens, but they are now rarely met with, the introduction of motive power, for machinery, having destroyed their commercial utility.

Dereham & Fakenham Times - 15th February 1908

23rd August 1980

On 8th June 1976 Mrs. Constance L. Cave, owner of the mill house and mill complex, wrote to Harry Apling regarding the current state of the mill tower.
Harry Apling reported:

Tower remaining about 30 ft. high, conical corrugated iron roof.
3 floors; ground floor raised about 2 ft. above ground level.
Internal width of floor about 25 feet, walls 27 ins. thick.

O. S. Map 1886
O. S. Map 1886
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1854: John Kiddle, foreman miller (unknown mill)

White's 1864: Zachariah Ratcliffe, corn dealer

White's 1883: John Shephard, baker

White's 1883: Arthur Walker, grocer & corn miller
White's 1883: Richard Walker, contractor
White's 1883: Mr. James Walker, Alma lodge
White's 1883: John Walker, farmer, Marsh

Kelly's 1896: Miss Jane Wright, dressmaker
Kelly's 1896: John Wright, blacksmith
Kelly's 1896: John Wright, boot maker

Kelly's 1900: John Wright, blacksmith
Kelly's 1900: John Wright, boot maker

Kelly's 1904: John Wright, blacksmith
Kelly's 1904: John Wright, boot maker
Kelly's 1904: John Newcome Wright, farmer, Balsam Fields

c.1840: Mill built by Kings Lynn millwrights Eastwicks

Tithe Award 1841: Owner: William Wright; Occupier: William Wright jun., miller

White's 1845: William Wright, miller & Clenchwarton postmill

White's 1846: William Wright, miller

1846: 10 h.p. steam engine powering 2 additional sets of stones in a 3 storey steam mill

December 1846: Mill advertised to be let

1850: Reed Ratcliffe & Co., millers

1853: John Ratcliffe & Co., millers

1856: John Ratcliffe & Co., millers

1858: Samuel Ratcliffe, miller

1863: John Newcome Wright, miller

White's 1864: John Newcome Wright, corn miller

1874: John Newcome Wright, miller

1875: John Newcome Wright, died

June 1875: Mill advertised to be let

1877: John Shephard, miller took over from Henry Colliver, miller

1878: John Shephard, miller

Kelly's 1879: John Shephard, miller

April 1880: Mill advertised to be let

May 1886: Mill advertised for sale by auction due to the death of John Newcome Wright

October 1886: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1883: Christopher Peek, corn miller

O.S. map 1886: Windmill (Corn)

1887: Christopher Peek jun., miller

White's 1890: Christopher Peek, corn miller

Kelly's 1892: Christopher Peek, miller (wind)

1895: Christopher Peek, miller

Sunday 24th March 1895: Heavy gale damaged sails and fantail

Kelly's 1896: John Newcome Wright, J.P. landowner, farmer &miller (wind), Balsam Fiel
d house

May 1896: Mill advertised to be let

Kelly's 1900:
John Newcome Wright, J.P. farmer, wool buyer, valuer & c. landowner & miller (wind), Balsam Fields

1903: Mill ceased working

15th February 1908: Mill being dismantled

Saturday 22nd February 1908: Mill damaged in a severe gale - top blown off

1908: Mill machinery dismantled and tower reduced to 3 storeys

1939: Tower with large growth of ivy in use as a store

1976: Mrs. Constance L. Cave, owner and occupier of mill house and mill

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