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Thurgarton postmill had a roundhouse, was turned into the wind with a fantail and used two pairs of patent sails on an iron windshaft to drive 2 pairs of stones. The mill stood to the northeast side of the village.

Will of Samuel Black
Norwich Consistory Court 1780
Dated 5 October 1779
Proved 30 September 1780

Executors:- John Garwood
Whitaker Robert Gunton
Freehold & Copyhold & Leasehold ... with the Windmill thereon standing ... to John Black grandson of Benjamin Black my late brother.

Bryant's map 1826
Bryant's map 1826

Mr. Boulter to Sell by Auction Saturday 8 July 1843 at 4 o'c at Royal Hotel, Norwich.
Lot 6.
A Comfortable Dwelling House, b rick, tiled with good out offices, stable & garden, also a capital WINDMILL WITH ROUNDHOUSE, patent sails & cast iron shaft driving 2 pairs of stones, fitted up with machinery & going gears complete & in excellent condition. Also a pightle of good arable land surrounding the Mill & Premises & extending to the road leading from Thurgarton Church to Gunton, containing with the site of buildings 2a. 1r. 20p.
Proprietor Mr. Snelling Roper.
Apply to S. Roper, Thurgarton, Bignold & Field or Geo. Jay, Solrs. Norwich, Newton & Woodrow, Land Agents, Norwich or the Auctioneer, Cromer.

Norfolk Chronicle - 24th June, 1st & 8th July 1843

Capital Freehold Windmill with excellent Dwelling house and 9a. 0r. 17p. at Thurgarton.
Mr. Butcher has received instructions to Sell by Auction at the Black Boys Inn, Aylsham on Tuesday 21 November 1848 at 3 o'c A Comfortable Brick & Tiled Dwelling House with good Out-offices, Stable & Garden, a capital well built WINDMILL with roundhouse, patent sails & cast iron shaft, fitted up with machinery & going gears complete & in excellent condition with a pIghtle of good ARABLE LAND containing together 2a. 1r. 20p.
Also 6a. 2r. 37p All Freehold
Annual land Tax 8s.
Rent charge in lieu of Tithe £3 -. 10d.
The above property is in the occupation of William Roper, in capital repair doing a good business & is situated in a fine corn district, nearly surrounded by the Estate of W. H. Windham Esq.
Possession will be given at Lady Day next when purchase is to be completed.
Apply to Mr. Field, Solr. or Mr. Butcher, Auctioneer, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle &Norwich Gazette - 11th June & 18th November 1848

To Let. With Possession at Michaelmas next
An excellent POST WINDMILL with roundhouse, driving 2 pair of Stones, Patent Sails, winding herself.
Also a good and convenient Dwelling house with requisite Outbuildings and 9 acres of very fine Arable Land adjoining.
Apply to Mr. Spurrell, Thurgarton, Norfolk.

Norfolk Chronicle - 31st July 1852

From the age of 8yrs. To the age of 14, my family & I lived in the house opposite of Thurgarton Church. (1952-1958) My mom's great grandparents were Snelling Roper 1780- 1867 and Julia Jubie. 1791-1867. They too lived in Thurgarton  & were farmers. My moms name was Stella Roper 1919-1982. 
I often wish I could have met them, although I do know one day I will, after the resurrection. I'm looking forward to seeing my ancesters.

Gloria Durden - 7th June 2014

O.S. map 1891
O.S. map 1891
Image produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd.
and Ordnance Survey

White's 1836: Snelling Roper, gentleman

White's 1845: Snelling Roper, gentleman

White's 1864: Henry Roper, shopkeeper
White's 1864: Mr. Snelling Roper
White's 1864: James Richard Roper, farm bailiff

White's 1883: Henry Roper, shopkeeper
White's 1883: James Roper, farm bailiff

Kelly's 1892: Henry Roper, shopkeeper

1779: Samuel Black, miller

Index of Wills 1780: Samuel Black, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill, Mill Hoe

White's 1836: William Roper, corn miller

1843: Snelling Roper, owner

June 1843: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1845: William Roper, corn miller

1846: Thomas Bacon, miller

1848: William Roper, miller

November 1848: Mill advertised for sale by auction

July 1852: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1854: David Veal, farmer & corn miller

1867: Snelling Roper died aged 87

1872: William Cooke, miller

Kelly's 1879: William Cooke, miller (& at Aldborough watermill)

1881: Henry William Warne (employee miller) living in Mill House married Leah Roofe from Itteringham

White's 1883: William Cooke, miller, h. Aldborough (& at Aldborough watermill)

O.S. map 1885: Windmill (Corn)

1890: George Gray, miller

O.S. map 1891: Windmill (Corn)

Kelly's 1892: George Gray, miller (wind)

O.S. map 1950: Windmill

1972: Mrs. Florence Bakewell and daughter Mrs. Joan Venuti, Old Mill House (part of Thurgarton Hall Estate)

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