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Upper Sheringham postmill was first built in 1575 as an open trestle mill and was probably rebuilt on more than one occasion during its working life. Early maps show the mill as Sheringham Mill, which occupied the second highest site of any windmill in Norfolk. It was only a few feet lower than Briningham Smockmill. The last version of Upper_Sheringham_postmill was built on the site in 1818.

Indenture Counterpart Lease for 7 years
1. Thomas Windham of Felbrigge, Esquire
2. James Towell of Sherringham, baker
Windmill, house and land in Sheringham and East Beckham
Yearly rent £10
11May 1632
Norfolk Record Office

Windmill, house and close (9a.) in Sheringham and East Beckham
Leased by Thomas Windham to James Towell in 1630
Term assigned to Edmund Riches in 1632
Leased to Edmiund Riches for 10 years in 1634
Norfolk Record Office

Son, Samuel Critoph &
Son-in-law George England
Land, 3 roods in Sheringham with Windmill to son, Samuel
Held under Lease for 99 years
"which Mills and Buildings I have the power of removing and disposing of"
Subject to Mortgage of £70.
Will dated 28 August 1813
Proved at Letheringsett 26 February 1814

Tenement, windmill and lands in Sheringham and East Beckham leased by Ashe Windham to William Tower for 21 yrs in 1710; with articles of agreement, 1709, and schedule of mill gear.
1 paper, 1 parchment held in Norfolk Record Office

Joseph Priest was a miller in the eighteenth century. He owned not only a windmill but also a watermill (Note: There was a watermill at Sheringham at least until 1791 in which year Mr. Bond was assessed at £15 to the poor rate) as well as other property all of which he left at his death, probably early in 1748 to his son Robert who died in May 1771. He made a number of money bequests to his wife and family and he must have been a very successful man. One of his sons was John and he was probably the John Priest who bought a mill at Letheringsett, but he was less fortunate; indeed he later became bankrupt. (Note: Details of this John Priest and his activities are to be found in Basil Cozens-Hardy's History of Letheringsett. For the suit of tithes brought against Joseph Priest see under list of Sheringham vicars (1741) in chapter V, or R. W. Ketton-Cremer's Country Neighbourhood, p.216, from which the account is taken)
History of Sheringham & Beeston Regis - Campbell A. Erroll - 1970

re. Vicars of Upper Sheringham:-
1741 ... Rice occurs. He commenced a suit against Joseph Priest the miller for tithes, although Priest said that he never paid any. The Rev. Patrick St. Clair interested himself on behalf of Priest and Mr. Rice agreed that the matter should be settled by Mr. St. Clair and another clergyman.
History of Sheringham & Beeston Regis - Campbell A. Erroll - 1970

Joseph Priest grave West Beckham
Joseph Priest's grave at West Beckham - died 22nd November 1747

O.S. Map 2006
O.S. Map 2006
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

1575: Mill built

1630: James Towell, miller & baker leased the mill from Thomas Windham

1632: Edmund Riches, miller, leased the mill from James Towell (sub let)

1634: Edmun Riches, miller

1710: Mill and lands in Sheringham and East Beckham leased by Ashe Windham to William Tower for 21 yrs

22nd November 1747: Joseph Prist died; buried at West Beckham, his gravestone depicted a postmill

Bowlers map 1775: Windmill

Faden's map 1797: Sherringham Mill

1813: John Critoph, miller

Index of Wills 1814: John Critoph, miller

1814: Samuel Critoph, miller

1818: New postmill built on same site replacing earlier mill

1822: Mill Cottage built

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