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Weybourne postmill was situated just to the southeast of Weybourne_watermill adjacent to the millpond on Beach Road. Weybourne was originally spelt Wabourne.
The mill buck was set on a roundhouse and had a leanto porch. The 6 bladed fantail was mounted on the tailpole. The two pairs of stones and flourmills were powered by two pairs of double shuttered sails, one pair had 8 bays of 3 shutters and the other had 7 bays of 3 shutters. A chain wheel was at the back of the mill.

In the 1920s, Weybourne_towermill underwent restoration and all the machinery was removed except the windshaft.
At the same time the post from Weybourne postmill was incorporated into the Mill house alongside the towermill, where it held up a main beam on the ground floor. On the floor above, a cash box had been cut into it with an 8" square cover. The post as originally set in the postmill was 16 sided above the collar and its natural shape below the coller but faced on one side. The whole post tapered from about 2 feet down to approx. 14 inches.

In some of the old main posts are found "miller's cash-boxes" made by scooping out a hole in the oak and covering it with an iron lid fastened by a clasp, staple and padlock - a cash-box which successfully baffled the sneak thief.
Old Watermills & Windmills, R. Thornton Hopkins - 1930

To Millers
By a Young Man 15 years of age of a Respectable Family
A SITUATION as an APPRENTICE to a MILLER wher he will be treated as one of the family.
Apply personally (or by letter post paid) to Mr. Wm. Webb, Weybourne.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th June, 3rd & 10th July 1824

Tithe map 1840
Tithe map 1840

Tithe Award 1840
Map 1838
Owner Thomas ARMES
Occupier John DAWSON

No. 230 : Mill Close - post mill on roundhouse. Arable 2a. 1r. 38p.
No. 231: House, mill etc. watermill on millpond. Pasture 1a. 0r. 10p.
  3a. 2r. 8p. = 19s.

To Millers. To be Sold by Private Contract.
An eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE situate in Weybourne in the County of Norfolk consisting of a water_mill driving two pairs of French Stones & a Windmill driving two pairs of stones with Flour Mills & all the going Gears in each complete; also a commodious Dwelling House, Barn, Stables & other convenient Outbuildings & 4 acres more or less of excellent Arable Land.
Half the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage.
Apply to Messrs. BALLACHEY & SON, Solrs. Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 20th March 1841

To Millers
To be Let with Possession at Maichaelmas next
A Water and Wind CORN MILL, Dwelling house, suitable Outbuildings with 3 acres of Land and a Baking office if required doing a good business.
Particulars of Mr. J. Bolding, Wabourne, July 4, 1846
Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 11th & 18th July 1846

The Bankruptcy Act 1861
In the County Court of Norfolk holden at Norwich
John Dawson of the parish of Weybourne near Holt in the County of Norfolk, Farmer and Miller, having been adjudged Bankrupt on the 3rd day of July 1869, a PUBLIC SITTING ... will be held at the said Court at the Shirehall, Norwich Castle on the 27th day of August 1869 at 10 o'c in the Forenoon precisely, the day last aforesaid being the day limited for the said Bankrupt to surrender.
The Registrar of the Court is the Official Assignee and Isaac Bugg Coaks of Norwich aforesaid is the Solicitor acting in the Bamkruptcy.
THOS. H. PALMER Registrar
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th August 1869

To be Sold by Auction by William Leggatt under instructions received from the Assignees of Mr. John Dawsonin Court of Bankruptcy on Friday September 24, 1869 the Live and Dead Farming Stock, MILL UTENSILS consist of about 300 corn and flour sacks, weighing machine and weights, beam scales and weights, dressing machine, sack barrows, ladders, straps, flour mill cloths, sail types, new step brasses, wrenches, sack chain etc. etc.
The Sale will commence with the Mill Utensils at the Mill at 11 o'c
Catalogues of the Auctioneer.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th September 1869

Site plan - August 1983
Site plan - August 1983

O. S. Map 1886 (not to scale)
Courtesy of NLS map images
Postmill marked Windmill (Corn) is immediately below the Watermill top left marked Corn Mill
Towermill centre marked
Weybourne Mill (Corn)

O. S. Map 1886

O. S. Map 1886 (not to scale)
Courtesy of NLS map images
Postmill marked Windmill (Corn) is immediately below the Watermill top left marked Corn Mill

O.S. Map 2005
O.S. Map 2005
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

1836: Mill owned by Thomas Armes

White's 1836: John Dawson, corn miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Tithe Award map 1838: Windmill

1839: John Dawson, miller & farmer

Tithe Award 1840: Mill owned by Thomas Armes and milled by John Dawson

20th March 1841: Mill advertised for sale in The Norfolk Chronicle along with Weybourne postmill, mill house, various buildings and 4 acres of arable land.

Census 1841:

John Dawson (45) miller
Ann Dawson (50) wife
Emma Dawson (15)
Rachel Dawson (13)
William Dawson (11)
Priscilla Dawson (9)
Thomas Grey (20) male servant
Naomi Duffield (15) female servant

15th October 1841: Indenture of Lease and Conveyance from Thomas Armes to John Bolding (sale for £1400)

White's 1845: John Dawson, miller

1846: John Dawson, miller

July 1846: Mill & windmill advertised to be let

1847: W. J. J. Bolding inherited the mill on the death of his father. John Dawson, miller

1850: John Dawson, miller

Census 30th March 1851:

John Dawson (52) farmer of 50 acres employing 2 labourers & master miller employing 2 journeymen
Ann Dawson (56) wife
Emma Dawson (29)
Priscilla Dawson (19)
George Dawson (14) apprentice miller (nephew)
Hannah Woodhouse (15) house servant
Address: Church Street

Henry Bugden (36) journeyman miller
Susan Bugden (32)
Sarah Ann Bugden (13) servant to grocer
Mary Ann Bugden (11) scholar
Address: Mill Cottage

Samuel Amies (28) journeyman miller
Address: Sea Road

Robert Pitcher (13) apprentice miller
Address: Sheringham Road

1853: John Dawson, miller

Kelly's 1854: John Dawson, farmer (and corn miller)

1855: W.J.J.B. marked in mill

1855: William Johnson Jennis Bolding, (born 28th September 1815) landowner, farmer, brewer and maltster had taken over ownership, although John Dawson was still the miller

Census 1861: John Dawson (64) b.Holt, farmer & miller
Ann Dawson (70) b.Aylmerton
Pricilla Dawson (29) b.Sprowston
James Dawson (40) b. North Shields, Northumberland (son in law)
John Dawson (12) b.North Shields, Northumberland, scholar (grandson)
John W. Dawson (12) b.Weybourne, scholar (grandson)
Mary Ann Dawson (26) b.Norwich, ?maker (visitor)

John Turner (50) b.Mileham, journeyman miller
Alice Turner (52) b.Whissonsett
Emily Turner (18) b.Holt; Anna Turner (16) b.Holt
William Turner (12) b.Holt; Alice Turner (10) b.Holt, scholar

1863: John Dawson, miller

White's 1864: John Dawson, farmer & corn miller

1865: John Dawson, miller

1868: John Dawson, miller

3rd July 1869: After some 33 years at the mill, John Dawson was declared bankrupt

September 1869: Personal effects, mill utensils & farming stock of John Dawson advertised for sale by auction

Kelly's 1879: William Thomas Bird, farmer & miller

1879: Year of bad harvest

White's 1883: William Thomas Bird, farmer and miller

c.1885: Mill lost two sails within 35 hours

O.S. map 1886: Windmill

Census 1891: William J. J. Bolding (76) b.Weybourne, farmer, small brewer, miller
Hannah E. Bolding (75) b.Weybourne (sister)
William E. Monement (43) b.Kings ? (nephew)
Ellen Goffin (47) b.Beckles, domestic cook
Eliza Dolle (46) b.Plymouth, Dorset, domestic nurse
Mary Wright (22) b.Holt, domestic kitchen maid
Rachel Randall (17) b.Cley next Sea, domestic kitchen maid

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