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Old Buckenham Wilby Warren postmill was an open trestle mill without a roundhouse. Although originally built with common sails, one pair were later changed to patent sails. The mill ran two pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill.

Iron letters and figures were set into the south wall of the Mill House, these related to Robert Barratt, who built and ran the mill, although it was owned by William Holbech.
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Demise for One Thousand Years from 10th October 1767 of Windmill & Land
At Old Buckenham adjoining Wilby Warren
William Holbech to Robert Barrett dated 5th April 1768
  Annual Rent of Five Shillings
Three pounds patyable on Death of Tenant in possession
Three Pounds payable on Alienation or Assignment
Also leave to erect Dwelling House & other buildings

William Holbech, late of Farmborough in the County of Warwick (nephew & heir of William Holbech late of Farmborough, devisee named in the will) and
William Algar of Old Buckenham, Gent.
Land in Old Buckenham, 114a.2r.10p. – The Warren
& also all that piece of Ground late of him the said William Holbech deceased & now of him the said William Holbech party hereto, situate & lying in Old Buckenham aforesaid adjoining to the Lands & Premises aforesaid & upon which a Messuage & Windmill were lately erected by Robert Barrett of Old Buckenham aforesaid, miller and the annual Rent of Five Shillings issuing & payable thereout and also the Fine of Three Pounds payable to the said William Holbech party hereto, his Heirs or Assigns upon the death of every Tenant of the last mentioned Premises or Alienation or Assignment thereof …
Rent a peppercorn …
To the intent that by virtue of these Presents & of the Statute made for transferring of Uses into Possession to the said William Algar …

Lease for a year - 22nd March 1786
This would be followed by a Release dated the day after to complete the transfer of the property

W. Limmer
Signatory to Notice re Increase in charges for Grist Grinding.

Norfolk Chronicle - 24th November 1792

To be Sold by Auction By W. Parson At the Kings Head, New Buckenham, Norfolk On Friday June 19, 1795 at 3 o’c
An ESTATE situated in Old Buckenham consisting of an excellent dwelling house replete with every conveniency, yards, garden & about an acre of exceeding good land, together with a capital post windmill, boulting house, boulting mill, flour house & granary, now in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Limmer, the owner, who is going into another line of business.
The premises are freehold, moderately assessed to the land tax, are in full trade & in the most complete repair.
Apply to the said Mr. Limmer or to the Auctioneer at Attleborough.

Norfolk Chronicle - 6th & 13th June 1795

Tithe map 1842
Tithe map 1842 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1843
Map, J. Easton, Attleborough, 1842
Owners: John Bowles
Occupier: William Bowles

No. 763c Mill & Yard Pasture 0a. 1r. 4p. Pt. of £1 4/-

William Bowles was previously miller at Gt Ellingham postmill and later moved on to Hingham towermill & watermill.

Old Buckenham
To Millers & others
To be Sold by Auction by Mr. G.W. Salter at the White Horse Inn, at Old Buckenham on Wednesday 22 June 1853 at 5 o’c
The following valuable Freehold & Tithe Free Estates
Lot 1. … Dwelling House with excellent Granaries, Stabling, Cart Lodge, Gig house & other requisite outbuildings & a large & productive Garden thereto adjoining. Also all the capital POST WINDMILL (in which a good trade has for many years been carried on) & two Inclosures of excellent Arable & Pasture Land containing together 2a. 3r. 30p. now in the occupation of Mr. Amos Potter adjoining Wilby Warren.
Possession at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mr. Alexander Solr. Hingham & of the Auctioneer at his offices, Attleborough.

Norfolk Chronicle - 28th May & 4th 18th June 1853

Old Buckenham
Geo. W. Salter is favoured with instructions from Richard Reeve Esq. To sell by Auction without reserve at White Horse Inn, Old Buckenham Tuesday 1 May 1855 at 5 o’c in one Lot.
To be taken away within two months from the sale at the purchaser’s expense, all that
Capital POST WIND MILL Situate near Wilby Warren & late in the occupation of Mr. James Hewett.
Standing upon four brick pillars, fitted two spring & two common sails & driving two pairs of French stones & Flour Mill with all necessary going gears thereto, also Meal Bins, Mill Bills, Stone Wedge, Rollers & Lever, Beam Scales & Weights, Bolting Cloths, Flour Scuppets, Iron Wrenches, Iron Pot, Grindstone & Crank.
Viewed on application to Robt. Daniels at the “Farm House” near the Mill.

Norfolk Chronicle - 21st & 28th November 1855

On an Ordnance map dated 1906 Warren House is shewn as "Mill House" & on the wall at one end are the initials "R.B." & the date 1768. This was probably the site of the mill belonging to the Robert Brown who is mentioned in the census of 1811.
Some Notes on Old Buckenham - Edited by H.E. Read 1944 - 1946
N.B. The miller who built the mill was actually Robert Barrett

Mill House later became known as Warren House.

O. S. Map 1882
O. S. Map 1882
The mill would have stood on either plot 552 or 553 adjacent to the Mill House
Courtesy of NLS map images

1768: Mill built by Robert Barrett

1768: Robert Barrett, miller

1790: Robert Barrett, miller

1792: William Limmer, miller

1795: William Limmer, miller

June 1795: Mill advertised for sale by auction due to William Limmer going into a different line of business

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1839: Thomas Bowles, miller

Tithe Award 1843: Owner: John Bowles; Occupier: William Bowles, miller

1853: Amos Potter, miller

June 1853: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1855: James Hewett, miller

April 1855: Mill advertised for sale by auction on the basis that it would be removed within two months

1855: Mill dismantled

1961: Mr. & Mrs. Alastair Robert Anderson

22nd December 1985: Alastair Robert Anderson OBE KPM died at the age of 75

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