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Shotesham postmill stood to the southeast of the watermill, the two mills being worked in conjunction. The mill powered two pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill.

Notice to Creditors
John Spratt of Shottisham, Miller and George Gordon of Carleton Rode, Farmer, legal representatives of George Everettt, Administrator of the goods etc. of the late Richard Everett, of Carleton Rode, deceased.
Norfolk Chronicle - 29th October 1791

All persons indebted to the late Mr. John Spratt of Shottisham, Miller, to pay same to William Spratt, coachmaker, Norwich or Robert Spratt, Shottisham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th December 1819

Post Windmill
TO BE SOLD a POST-WINDMILL driving two pair of French burr stones and Flour Mill, Iron shaft, four good sails and all machinery and mill in good repair. Now standing at Shotesham and to be removed by the purchaser.
Apply to Mr. J. W. Miles, Saxlingham Mills or Mr. John Brown, Millwright, New Lakenham, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 14th May 1864

My maternal 4xgreat grandfather was John Spratt the miller at Mulbarton, Shotesham_postmill, Shotesham watermill and Saxlingham Thorpe postmill and watermill.
Re: the details of him that are on your Mulbarton site: He was baptised on 10 February 1745/46 at Hedenham. Prior to his marriage in 1776 he was married, by licence, on 15 July 1770 to Mary Hayward, both of them widowed. Mary was buried 17 November 1773 in Mulbarton. John and Mary had three children. The only one who survived was Elizabeth (baptised 26 May 1771, died 19 July 1842), who married Jeremy Thursby on 9 October 1792. Jeremiah was buried 24 May 1795.(All these were in Mulbarton.)
John Spratt died on 23 May 1819. He was buried at Shotesham St Mary and his headstone reads Sacred to the Memory of SARAH the wife of JOHN SPRATT  who died Oct 7th 1802 Aged 47 years Also of JOHN SPRATT many years Miller in this Parish who died May 23rd  1819.
(I looked for the headstone last month but unfortunately it has "gone missing" so am relying on the Women's Institute transcription of the graveyard done in 1980. This can be found on Shotesham website under weddings!) John and Sarah had twelve children and John left the Mulbarton Mill to his eldest surviving son Andrew.

Jill Webb - 18th June 2018

The burials records of St Mary's Shotesham of 1788 show Andrew Spratt, Miller, aged 75. There is no record of him being a miller on the grave stone. The burial record together with the details of the 1784 apprentice record stating Andrew was a miller in Shotesham I think make it safe to put this on the site. (This Andrew Spratt started out life as a carpenter in Hedenham where he was married and where his children were born.  There is an apprentice record from 1751 with him being a Master Carpenter.) The earliest record of him being in Shotesham is 16th October 1776 from the Norfolk Chronicle attending a meeting together with John Spratt of Mulbarton of the subscribers to the association for the apprehending and prosecuting  of horse-stealers but whether he was a miller at this time is not stated. The safest time for saying he was a miller is as late as 1784,  although likely he was a miller for many years before this. However, from when, it is impossible to tell from my investigations.
Regarding William Spratt.  Unfortunately the only definitive details that I have been able to find of him are his baptismal and burial records . I cannot find any record of him being a miller but he died in 1751 aged only 37 and records are in short supply from that time. So with lack of evidence I don't think he can go down as a miller in Shotesham.

Jill Webb - 12th May 2019

O.S. Map 2010
O.S. Map 2010
Red cross marks postmill - watermill at the ford
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

Shotesham St Mary burial records 1788: Andrew Spratt, miller aged 75

1791: John Spratt, miller (also at watermill)

1795: John Spratt, miller, also Saxlingham_watermill, Saxlingham Thorpe postmill and Shotesham watermill

Poll Book 1806: John Spratt, miller (also at watermill)

Poll Book 1819: John Spratt, miller (also at watermill)

23rd May 1819: John Spratt died and was buried at Shotesham St. Mary

1836: Henry Barnard, miller (also at watermill)

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

White's 1845: William Barnard, corn miller (also at watermill)

White's 1854: William Barnard, corn miller (also at watermill)

1856: William Barnard, miller

1858: John Wakelin Miles, miller, merchant & farmer

1859: John Wakelin Miles, miller, merchant & farmer

1863: John Wakelin Miles, miller, merchant & farmer

May 1864: Mill advertised for sale and to be removed by purchaser

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