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Special thanks

The following individuals and organisations have between them, provided a vast amount of assistance and archive information for inclusion on this website. Although I have singled them out for special thanks, I am of course also very grateful to the scores of other individuals who have given me their time and help in countless ways.
Jonathan Neville

Harry Apling
(late) - large detailed archive held by Norfolk Windmills Trust - see Links Page
Margaret Bird
- provider of excerpts from her detailed research into the two Letheringsett watermills
Rhoda Bunn
(late) - collection of Norfolk postcards via John Nickalls Publications - see Links Page
Eastern Counties Newspapers
- see Links Page
Gressenhall Rural Life Museum on Links Page

Barré Funnell
- see NIAS on Links Page
Honor Jones
- provider of census, archive and background information
along with irrepressible humour
Methwold History Group
- photos of Methwold's mills
Pippa Miller
(late) - Author of In Search of Watermills, provider of a large amount of material and much of the inspiration behind this website
Norfolk Libraries
- see Links Page
Norfolk Rootsweb -
see Links Page
Norfolk Windmills Trust
- see Links Page
Norfolk Record Office
- see Links Page
North Walsham Community Archuve
- see Links Page
Mike Page
- aerial photographer - see Links Page
Douglas Pluck
(late) - Author of The River Waveney its Navigation and Watermills ISBN
0 948903 13 9
Michael Roots - molinologist and provider of much material for Norwich millwrights and Norwich windmills on this website
Arthur C. Smith (late) - Author of
Cornmills in Norfolk, provider of information and numerous photographs


Thanks to all of the following for their help and contributions by providing photographs, information, anecdotes and memories. Needless to say, many of those mentioned do not live at the mill they are linked with but did have a past association.

Clare Agate - see Norfolk Electronic Library on Links Page
Paddy Apling
- see Links Page
Aylsham Town Archive
- Derek Lyons, Tom Mullard
Adrian Barnard - Trackart
David Barrows -
Burnham Overy Union
Valerie Belton -
Tony & Susan Boon -
Graham Bould -
Martin Brayne - Parson Woodforde Society
- see Links Page
Mrs. Broadbent -
Lakenham Peafield towermill
John Brock -
Peter Brown -
Bacton Wood
Ivan Cane -
photos and information re mills on North Walsham & Dilham Canal
Paul Clarke -
Thetford Bishop's
Adrian Colman
- Garboldisham postmill
David Collins
- photos of various drainage windpumps
Frances Collinson
- see Gressenhall Rural Life Museum on Links Page
Peter Cox
- see Courtyard Publishing on Links Page
Barbara Crampton
- Oxnead
Chris Crease
- see Loddon Historical Society on Village Sites on Links Page
Cromer Museum
- see Links Page
Clifford Cushion -
image of painting re Antingham Bone Mill + Ebridge watermill
Caroline Davison -
St Benet's Abbey Conservation,  Access &  Community  Project
Ollie Dennison
- Drone aerial photography of many drainage mills on this website
Don Dodman
- see Old Norfolk on Links Page
David Ducker
- Aylsham and Ingworth
Edrich Family Archive -

Keith Entwistle
- Holt- see Links Page
Clare Everitt- see Norfolk Electronic Library on Links Page
Alan Faulkner
- Bacton Wood
Dr. Quentin Fontana -
Ames family and
Richard Flagg
- Diss Victoria Road
Keith Fowler
- Stoke Holy Cross
Rosie Frost -
and Snettisham Millers
Brian Gage
- publisher of book on Costessey history - see Links Page
Michael Grix - Burgh
Brenda Gwilliam -
Henry Head
- Norfolk Lavender - see Links Page
Mark Healy -
Oby drainage
Gerard & Claire Hoare
- Ingworth
Frank Honeywood -
Bungay town recorder - Broome towermill and Wainford watermill
Roger Hough -
Stow (Paston) see Links Page
Justin James
- see Redbournbury Mill on Links Page
Mr. Johns -
Honor Jones -
Mr. Kemp -
Upper Hellesdon towermill and Bracondale towermill
G. A. Key
- estate agents see Links Page
Adrian Kiddell -
Costessey and
Roger Last
- Corpusty
John Leach -
Lever Brothers -
Bracondale towermill
Mike Ling -
North Walsham area
Bill Lloyd -
see Chapel Books on Links Page
Andrew Lowe -
New Mills own website
Geoff Lowe
- Horstead
William & Lynda Mack
- for accommodation see Hempstead Hall on Links Page
Tony Mallett -
Joseph Mason -
Taverham historian and author - see Links Page
Aubrey Melton
- Bolwick
Robert Melton
- Bolwick
Susan Miller -
Wighton and see Thurtell family website on Links Page
Mr. Mills - Upper Hellesdon towermill
Colin Mitchell
- Garboldisham postmill
Craig Moss
- Horsham St Faiths and see Cartridge World on Links Page
Bridget Neville
- help and support
Pat Newall
- Hempstead
John Nickalls Publications
- see Links Page
Ordnance Survey -
Licence No. 423545 - see Links Page
Mike Overton
- see Buxton village on Links Page
Sheila Peal
- Martham Ferry drainage photo
Douglas Pluck
(late) - Author of The River Waveney its Navigation and Watermills ISBN
0 948903 13 9
Sheila Pluck
Jonathan Plunkett
- see Photographs of Old Norwich on Links Page
Roger Popay -
Ebridge watermill
Jamie Price -
Wicklewood - professional photographer - Cymru Photography
Read Family Archive
- Sutton & Horsey drainage
John Richard Reeder - carpenter, millwright and photographer 1922-2003
Seth Reeder - provider of a whole collection of unique photos taken by his late father John Reeder
Reepham Society -
town historical society
Wing Commander John Rodgers - Hindringham
Michael Roots - Norwich windmills and millwrights - see pages listed above
Maj. Douglas Sayer - Lenwade
Science Museum - H. E. S. Simmonds collection
Martin Scott - Norfolk Windmills Trust - see Links Page
North Walsham Community Archive - various photos including Gimingham 1952 & Hempstead 1952
Paul Seaman - Bintry
Chris Selwyn - Segeford towermill photo from the Alice Hunt Collection courtesy of the Selwyn family
Paul Sergent - Ebridge 2014 aerial photos
Simon Shreeve - Bolwick
William Smith - Upwell towermill + various photographs
Richard Stevenson - Ebridge watermill
David Stoker - see Links Page
Mike Thurlow (dcsd) - Letheringsett or Links Page
Keith & Jill Tucker - Barnham Broom
Tempus Publishing - see Links Page
Terry Thompson - various photos
David Turner - Narborough and Narborough Bone Mill
Ron Tyrell - Barnham Broom
Philip Unwin - various photos
Revd. Mark Wathen - Bolwick
Lilian & Brian Webster
Revd. J. L. Wilson - Bracondale towermill
Gary Windeler - Author of The Book of Sculthorpe ISBN 1 84114 250 6
Amanda Rix & Alison Yardy - Norfolk Windmills Trust - see Links Page
Jim Young - West Newton

Also grateful thanks to everyone else who has
emailed, telephoned or sent in photographs and information

If you have any memories, anecdotes or photos please let us know and we may be able to use them to update the site. By all means telephone 07836 675369 or .

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